Bad News: Beyonce Pulls Out Of Coachella, Good News: Beyonce’s On Snapchat

It's been a turbulent 24 hours for the Beyhive but just like they say, out of darkness cometh light

Bad News: Beyonce Pulls Out Of Coachella, Good News: Beyonce

by Siobhan Lawless |

The past 24 hours have been more tumultous than Storm Doris for the Beyhive.

Firstly, Beyonce pulls out of her headlining spot at Coachella on doctor’s orders - *world can’t deal. *

(Sob. She's irreplaceable...)

Just when the Beyhive thought life was in its darkest hour, we were about to get sent a shining beacon of hope.

For a little while now there’s been whisperings Yonce could be keeping her very own Snapchat account under wraps (best thing I never had*)*. An account strictly reserved for the most celestial of beings, and just when the Twittersphere was having a meltdown, all seemed to be confirmed when Beyonce uploaded an adorbz pic of her and Blue Ivy at the All Stars game, repping Snapchat's iconic deer filter.

So at least some uplifting news comes at the time when crushed Coachella fangirls need it most. This just leaves the one million dollar question dangling off everyone’s lips. What’s her Snapchat name?

We're gonna have to enlist Foxy Cleopatra's help to work it out...

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