Beyonce Just Posted A Pic Of Herself With A Martini, So We’re Pretty Sure She’s The New James Bond

(Or just, like, doing the theme song.)


by Emily Watkins |

Beyonce set the Beyhive abuzz this week when she posted a photo of herself leaning to sip from a martini. It wasn’t just the magnificence of the beverage, or the dazzling beauty of Bey herself, which prompted a social media outpouring – rather, the inferences drawn by internet sleuths, who’ve taken the pic as a sign that the queen of music will be penning and performing the new James Bond theme song.

Martinis – shaken not stirred, thank you very much – are the first thing we think of when attention turns to the immortal spy in his endless reprises. And it wouldn’t be the first time that Bey had dropped a clue for an upcoming release this way; cast your mind back to the initially confusing, eventually satisfying, snap of her nuzzling a lemon which turned out to herald the release of Lemonade. So there’s precedent, is what I’m saying.

Then there’s the fact that, while the film’s out in just three months, we haven’t had an announcement for its theme song yet. And THEN, remember that our favourite human Phoebe Waller Bridge has been pulled in to work her magic – fingers crossed for a female-friendly Bond, this time round. But with James’ new feminist bent in mind, who better to voice his 2020 ballad than the legend who gave us Sorry? Run the world (girls)? If I were a boy? Connect. The. Dots.


It remains entirely possible, of course, that Beyonce was just drinking a martini. Should it emerge that her cocktail was incidental rather than indicative, though, the film’s marketing team will have a host of heartbroken mega fans to contend with. And Bey’s are fiercer than most – so if it’s not on the cards, let’s put it there. Beyonce for Bond! Beyonce for Bond! The people demand it.

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