On The Brilliance Of Beyoncé’s Mediocre Instagram Videos

Getting to grips with Queen Bey’s new Insta USP

On The Brilliance Of Beyoncé’s Mediocre Instagram Videos

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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In an environment so highly saturated with lots of samey, samey photographs, to get noticed on Instagram, you’ve got to stand out. And that’s a rule that applies even to Beyoncé.

To be fair, she’s succeeded. With almost each Instagram post comes a round of excitable headlines, thousand-word think pieces and fantastic (if I may say so myself) DIY imitations of Beyoncé-esque photoshoots. Bey has nailed her ‘gram game: infrequent and in your face. But beyond the elaborate pregnancy announcements and teasing of new music, Beyoncé has forged herself a new social media speciality. Jolty, budget-looking video montages of her going about her day (in a very choreographed way, of course) and looking really fucking great.

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