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Can We Stop Fat-Shaming Beyoncé Now Please?

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Fans are convinced she's pregnant with baby number four

You used to pick up a magazine and see huge red circles drawn around parts of celebrity bodies – shaming them for having put on some weight, showing more of their body than usual or being caught at an ‘unflattering’ angle.

Thankfully that doesn’t happen (as much) anymore, but the media does still have this strange obsession with body watching, and sometimes it goes as far as fat-shaming, which can be defined as 'the action or practice of humiliating someone judged to be fat or overweight by making mocking or critical comments about their size.'

Remember when all anyone could talk about was how big Rihanna was getting, how she must be pregnant, and when people renamed her 'Thickanna'? Why do we spend time analysing celebrity outfits and trying to figure out if their is hiding a baby bump?

Beyoncé is the latest celeb to have her body scrutinised as fans are absolutely convinced that she’s pregnant.

The evidence? That’s she’s wearing a lot of coats and jackets on her On The Run II tour with Jay-Z, which started in Cardiff in June, and will end in October in Seattle.

Here are some of Beyoncé’s On The Run II tour looks so far

Whether she is pregnant, has put on some weight, or is just really into coats at the moment, isn’t it time we stopped fat-shaming celebrities and just let them live their lives without fear of red circles, and share any news with us as and when they want to?