Beyoncé’s Fringe Is Totally Fine By Us – So Get Over It, Haters

The singer's gone and cut her hair, causing loads of people around the world to be really angry with her, but is it really that bad for her to go a little off-duty sometimes?


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Beyoncé’s gone and got herself a new haircut and a lot of people are sad about it. The Betty Paige-style short fringe is hardly a new thing for Beyoncé – any casual hum-a-long fan of the singer will have noticed she sported one of these in the video for Telephone with Lady Gaga in like, 2010.

However, the criticism’s come thick and fast via social media and the tabloid press, as if Beyoncé’s made a drastic decision, even though it’s highly likely that all of the hair we see on her head is actually a weave that she can take off at a moment’s notice. Take note of headlines like ‘Even Beyonce can have a bad hair day’ ‘Beyonce steps out with BAD hair’ and ‘Wait! Did Beyoncé ask Blue Ivy to cut her hair?’

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As sweet as it would be for Beyoncé to let Blue, armed with some safety scissors, of course, to let loose on her locks, we don’t think she did. And we kind of like her bucking the trend of her regular ‘off-duty’ look of blonde cork-screw curls. Because that off-duty look? Well, it’s literally bleached version of what her off-duty hair truly looks like. Plus, whatever she does to her hair, it’s her decision.

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It’s a shame that the moment she debuts an ‘I woke up like dis’ hair do, It’s a hair don’t. Because we figure this new, edgy hair-do is there not only as a hat-nod to Grimes (who’s signed to Jay Z’s management arm of Roc A Fella), but in preparation for the Frieze Art Fair. We don’t definitely know she’s going, but we figure the Carter-Knowleses are on a little tour of European artistic delights – they were in the Louvre art gallery in Paris the other day, and the first thing they did when they got to London was go to a south London community arts project. If anyone knows where this was, please let us know, there's a debate going on at The Debrief's offices about where they could actually be.

London’s Frieze is basically where rich people who like art converge to spend billions, actual billions, on art, some of which is very questionable. For all of the people hating on Beyoncé’s bonce, we strongly advise you take a peek at what the assorted art bods and middle-aged big-money Russian oligarchs’ heads look like, then tell us what a bad hair day is.

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