So Beyoncé’s Finally Addressed The Whole Elevator Incident

There's a reference on her remix for Flawless


by Sophie Cullinane |
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Yesterday, Beyoncéreleased a new remix of Flawless featuring Nicki Minaj (side note – who even knew they were mates?) on her website. The song’s great and includes loads of fun new lyrics, including a masterclass in stating the obvious like ‘You wish I was your pound cake’ and You wish I was your baby mumma,’ but more controversially, she also actually seems to address the elevator incident when Solange attacked Jay-Z.

'We escalatin', up in this bitch like elevators. 
Of course sometimes shit goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator,' Bey sings.

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OK, so we’re obviously not learning anything new from the lyrics – it's basically a Beyified version of the statement the Knowles-Carter family released saying it's family business and they're all friends now – but it's certainly got us listening to the remix again and again and again. And analysing why, after the line, Beyoncé laughs and we hear the ringing of the cash register, kerching style...

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