Beyoncé’s Fans Are Conservative And Sam Smith’s Love Carbs

YouGov's addictive profiler tool can tell you exactly (or maybe not quite exactly) what food, hobbies and interests celebrities' fandoms will you recognise yourself here?


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YouGov are those smart people who poll the general population, mostly about who they want to vote for. But it seems they also ask people about the specific foods, brands and celebrities they’re into, as a new tool on their website handily shows. (Warning, once you go onto the site, there’s no escape for at least 20 minutes, it’s pretty compulsive viewing).

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When you type the name of a person, a place or a thing, basically any noun that people might have ever been polled on, YouGov throws up the results of the sample of people who all, say, liked chicken tikka, and then shows you a lot of other things that this person might be more likely to do. For example, they might be more likely to eat lentil dal or vote UKIP or, say, have a cat as a pet.

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Of course, some samples are bigger than others – there are, piteously, only 35 people who self-identify as fans of Heather Mills (male, more likely to be from Yorkshire) – and a lot of people might have only answered because YouGov (eventually) give you rewards for answering lots of surveys. We might just be looking into the brains of people who like to do surveys. However, there are some learnings we've thought were worth noting, that could tell you a little bit about your own consumer habits...


YouGov Poll

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Just like Twilight fans are pretty conservative, so are Robert Pattinson fans. But saying that, only 213 people on YouGov's books self-identify as Robert Pattinson fans. At the very least that means not too many people will be particularly disappointed that he's gone very edgy with his new haircut...

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Sam Smith fans like carbs. Either you’re into watching Sam play one of his sell-out tours at the type of venue that serves curly fries as an appetizer or you just like his soothing voice to soundtrack your Sunday tears, but you can count on a Sam Smith fan to be into pasta, chips, potatoes, chips with mayonnaise, potatoes, tattie scones and, um, chocolate fudge pudding.

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Emma Stone fans are really left wing, and are a little more likely to live in Scotland making the map of the 'Emma Stone' hotspots look a bit like Emma herself (all red up top).

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Kristen Stewart fans do have some very 'niche' interests, like disability charities. Oh well, the sample size of people who express a like in her is pretty small, at only 93, so it's likely that this result could just be the result of two or three people being particularly interested in this pretty niche (but very worthy) subject.

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403 people asked by YouGov expressed an interest in Rita Ora. That's a whopping 310 more than those who expressed an interest in Kristen Stewart.

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Though it might initially shock you that young people, fans of Twilight are conservative-leaning, it's less surprising when you consider the whole film series is about the importance of abstaining from sex with boys, because all boys are bad.

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Jennifer Lawrence is basically a lefty's dream amongst people who don't really have a lot of money. It's like she is Katniss Everdeen or something!

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Miley Cyrus's fans are likely to be young men who say things like 'This country's gone to the dogs'. Really?

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The Hunger Games is enjoyed by very libertarian fans, who probably enjoy its whole 'topple a mean centralised government that thinks of the wider population as idiot savages to be laughed at for our entertainment' ideology. Or just wants to see The X Factor pilloried on the highest platform.

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The most porn-loving group of fans seem to be Kylie Minogue fans...

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Though teenagers aren't regularly polled by YouGov, those who haven't quite grown out of that feeling of teenagery-ness exist in the Lorde fans, who are independent and self-aware yet simultaneously lonely and moody. No wonder her lyrics speak to them!

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Russell Brand's fans might be able to imagine up a very bright future, but they're self-admittedly 'lazy' and 'neurotic'. That's probably the toll of all that time spent reading Russell's book.

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It makes sense that Cara Delevingne advertises products with a pretty wide price margin; her fans, though young, are minted!

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