Beyoncé And Jay Z To Do A Joint Tour This Summer!

It definitely makes sense, but is the world ready for this epic level of collaboration?


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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So loud were the screams when Jay Z joined wife Beyoncé on stage at her recent Mrs Carter tour gigs to rap his part on Drunk In Love, they could be bottled and used to fuel transatlantic flights. And there were so many screeches when Beyonce joined Jay Z on stage at his pre-Superbowl party that the return flights could be arranged. Probably. So it's time to prrepare for some serious noise this summer, when Jay Z and Beyonce go on tour together. Yep, we said it.

A source told Page Six that the couple are planning a 20-stadium tour of the US, and that they might even perform in New York on July the 4th - Independence Day!

And it would all kind of make sense, Beyoncé is yet to tour her latest album in America, but probably wouldn't want to do it without Jay and Blue Ivy in tow, so this could be a great way of keeping the family together at the same time.

But this will be something completley new for her - Beyonce's never toured alongside someone else (well, apart from Destiny's Child). Jay Z's an old hand though - he's done tours with Kanye West (Watch the Throne) and Justin Timberlake (Legends of the Summer). And a married couple touring and it not looking tacky (because it just won't) is going to be incredible.

It's not yet known if Jay and Bey's tour is going to have the sort of name that McDonald's would give to one of their themed menus, but we have every hope. Especially if we can scrape enough money together to go and see them!

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