Ben Stiller Live Tweets The Original Zoolander Film In Its Entirety

Blue Steel Was A Combination Of Years Of Work And ‘Incredible Geneticals’, Apparently.

Ben Stiller Live Tweets The Original Zoolander Film In Its Entirety

by Eve Simmons |
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Guys, I don’t know if you knew this but word on the street (or universe) is that a Zoolander 2 might be coming soon. Maybe it’s just a funny or feeling, or maybe it has something to do with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hijacking the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Perhaps it’s also related to mysterious sightings of Derek Zoolander strutting across Sydney Harbour Bridge. It could be just because we saw someone who looked kinda like Ben Stiller on the cover of Vogue last month. Oh, and Esquire UK….and U.S mag, VMan.

Reaaaal subtle guys.

For their latest not-publicity-driven-at-all stunt for the upcoming sequel, Ben Stiller took to Twitter to reveal the unknown truths of the 2001 film.

According to Ben Aka Derek Zoolander, this Sunday marked a whole TWO DAYS since he’d watched the original film so naturally, he needed to refresh his memory.

Did you know that Ben Stiller’s dad appeared in the film (wearing fake chest hair, btw)? Or, that the film resulted in both lead actors being banned from entering Malaysia? Neither did we. Here’s the rest of the ‘ridiculously good-looking’ action…

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