Watch: Emma Watson Singing In New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Teaser

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Emma Watson is Belle in Beauty And The Beast

by Rebecca Gillam |
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Who isn’t 100% ready for the new Beauty And The Beast?

Among all the Golden Globe wins and envious red carpet looks this year, there was something else pretty spectacular that premiered on the night (during a commercial break)...a new Beauty And The Beast trailer - featuring Emma Watson singing throughout the 30-second clip. Too. Much. Excitement!

Prepare to be spellbound (and count down the days until the film's March 17th release)...

**On the 30th December we wrote... **

Whether you’re a Disney aficionado or not, it’s impossible not to get excited by that semi-daunting tinkly music as Belle, played by Emma Watson, looks around the castle for the first time.

Now, just when we’re all hitting that apres-Christmas lull, a new one-minute trailer has dropped.

It’s exactly how fans of the 1991 Disney original would want it to be — just more of the sensational same. Emma Watson is pretty much Belle IRL, Luke Evans plays muscly egg enthusiast Gaston with ease, and Cogsworth and Lumiere are spot on.

The Beast is not exactly the adorable fanged face we remember — more Maleficent horns and less cute curlable hair, but it’s still good and his voice (the voice of Dan Steven) is unexpectedly zen.

Just listen to the bit around 40 seconds in when he says: ‘Think about the one thing you’ve always wanted and find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart’. Swoon. We’ve got a beast crush.

The house is pretty nice too — a hashtag Hygge castle in France. We’d be happy to cosy up there with a book and a pair of cashmere socks, or dance around with the crockery.

With a celeb-packed cast, it was always going to be good. Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw… It’s basically a list of our favourite actors.

Emma Watson’s costumes look urmazing too. The trailer shows five different looks but we particularly love (/want) that floral cape she’s wearing when she says: ‘Come into the light’.

Bring on March 17th. Be our guest.

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