We Asked Sam Smith About Ed Sheeran And What His Favourite Emoji Is

The Stay With Me singer might just be the most charming man we've ever met


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Sam Smith has had a bit of a year hasn’t he? From winning the BRIT’s Critics’ Choice Award last year and the BBC Sound of 2014 poll in January, he then went on to release his debut album *In The Lonely Hour, *which obviously went straight to number one.

Last week, his life got even bigger when he won the Best New Act at the Q Awards and swept the boards at the MOBOs. We managed to catch him for a few minutes before the Q Awards to talk to him about emojis, Boy George and why he’s not got time to party any more.

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Hello Sam! You were just talking to Boy George! That’s pretty cool….

It’s the second time I ‘ve met him. I such a big fan of his story and his life.

Is it weird when people say you’re similar to each other?

I guess it’s because we’re singers and our sexuality and stuff. I think that’s it really, we were just laughing about how people say I look like him. That’s a compliment!

So, your tour’s just about to start…

Yeah I don’t think I’m going to be free until 2016 but it’s a good thing to be busy. I’m having fun which is the main thing!

You’ve just worked with Mary J Blige – anyone else on your list?

John Legend’s definitely one for me. I want to work with John Legend badly I love him. I want to work with Ed Sheeran too, and Jessie Ware.

Because you and Ed are friends right?

Yes, he’s such an incredible songwriter, incredible artist, he’s so humble in himself and being yourself in this world is tough. Someone like me, I don’t know what’s going on ever and he’s such a support for me. He’s there texting me all the time making sure everything’s OK. He deserves every award he’s ever nominated for.

So he gets mentored by Elton John and then he mentors you? He’s passed the Elton connection onto you though right?

Yeah Elton called me which is amazing. It’s a great friendship to have in a place where there’s not many people you can call friends.

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What emoji do you use the most?

The love heart, the red love heart, classic and simple.

Do you bake?

I don’t bake at all. I cooked a chilli the other night at home if that counts?

And what should we order you in a bar?

A whiskey and soda. Although I don’t have time to party! I was just in New York though and I partied and it was great. I love New York.

Are you seeing anyone at the moment?

People ask me all the time, I’m not with anyone at the moment I’m kind of just dating – it’s quite nice to date.

Are you worried that now everything’s going so well where you’ll find inspiration for your second album?

Absolutely not. I lived my life and wrote songs about it and it seemed to work for the first one so that’s what I’m planning on doing this time; I’m just going to enjoy myself and see what happens! I’ll still find a way to be sad though!

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