Ariana Grande Accuses Ex Pete Davidson Of ‘Clinging’ To Relevancy

Ariana tweeted about Pete after he made a joke about their speedy engagement...

Ariana Grande

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Ariana Grande has had a pop at her ex Pete Davidson for taking the mickey out of their speedily brought about and short-lived engagement.

Ariana, 25, and Pete, 24, were engaged only a few weeks after they started dating earlier this year, and broke up 14 weeks later.

Pete, a comedian on Saturday Night Live (SNL), is ready to joke about it and sent that fact up in the teaser trailer for the upcoming episode, hosted by Jonah Hill and featuring music from Maggie Rogers. In the trailer, shared to Twitter by SNL, Pete jokingly says ‘Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. You wanna get married?’ She replies ‘no’ and then he makes a baseball joke which basically means he’s very unlucky in love.

The joke, though, that Pete Davidson proposes too earnestly and too soon, is itself too soon for Ariana, who, at first, tweeted a full stop next to a fan’s response to the video reading ‘tag yourself i’m maggie’

Ariana then tweeted (then deleted) the following:

‘for somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh’

‘thank u, next’

What hasn't been deleted, is that Ariana ‘liked’ a fan’s tweet of ‘SNL is about to milk their breakup just like they did with the engagement’

As far as compatibility of humour, what’s striking about both Pete, is that he’s happy to dig into his unhappy past and joke about it, something Ariana would have learned all too well when she heard her then-fiancé on Howard Stern’s radio show joking about their sex life. When asked how he puts off an early climax while in bed with Ariana, he responded: ‘I was just thinking of my Dad being burned alive. That’s what I do. I just think of my Dad seeing that fire coming right towards me.’

Pete’s dad was a 9/11 firefighter and died during the terrorist attacks. Uncannily, Ariana was also affected by terror at the 2017 bombing of her Manchester gig.

Both Pete and Ariana have had a rough time of it already, and tragedy struck again when her ex, Mac Miller, died age 26 of a suspected drug overdose, Her and Pete split up just days after, and maybe she’s not ready to laugh about it all just yet.

What she is ready to do, is sing her heart out, as can be seen in this clip she favourited of her at the BBC.

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