Ariana Grande Is The Queen Of Celebrity Impressions

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by Katie Rosseinsky |

We all have that one friend who is ridiculously talented, stupidly pretty and is a total riot to hang out with, right? Well, after her storming turn as a host for cult American sketch show Saturday Night Live, it seems that Ariana Grande is very much the celebrity world's answer to that friend.

The singer, who is currently promoting her latest album Dangerous Woman, kickstarted her stint on the show with a hilarious musical monologue that poked fun at her squeaky-clean career as a Disney Channel teen star, referencing that 'doughnut-gate' incident and asking 'what will my scandal be?'

Ariana then put her impressive vocal skills to good use, starring as an intern, Chloé, in a sketch which hilariously sends up Jay-Z's Tidal streaming service. With Tidal suffering from 'technical difficulties,' Chloé / Ari has to fill in the gaps in the company's musical library with her ridiculously good impressions.

From Britney, Shakira and Rihanna to Nineties divas like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, Ariana manages to totally nail each singer's idiosyncratic style, and her Whitney impersonation has to be heard to be believed. Seriously, she sounds like how you think you sound in your head when you belt out 'I Will Always Love You' at karaoke at 3am.

It wasn't all about the music, though, as Ariana demonstrated with her pitch perfect impression of everyone's favourite 'relatable' star, Jennifer Lawrence. Wearing a short blonde wig on SNL's faux-gameshow Family Feuds, the singer says 'They told me not to do a game show but I was like, screw it, I can have fun. I'm a regular person!'

She's got J-Law's voice and manner down, not to mention her 'I'm just like you, honest!' vibes. The best bit? 'I'm just like, a snackaholic [...] I love Pringles! When no one's watching I'll eat a whole can. Every day is my cheat day, you know what I mean?' Oh, we do...

ariana grande snl impressions jennifer lawrence
Ariana Grande on SNL ©Getty Images

It's not the first time that Ariana has sent the Internet into meltdown with her spot-on impressions...

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