Apparently Kim Kardashian Shot The Cover Of US Vogue This Weekend

And it’s all thanks to her fiancé’s campaigning of editor Anna Wintour…


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Kanye West has got a bit of a habit of getting involved in shaping pop-culture history, even where he’s not exactly wanted. (Reference: the time he told Taylor Swift that Beyoncé deserved a MTV VMA more than her.)

Now, it seems he has managed in his quest to rearrange the milestones of the fashion world’s progress by getting notoriously picky Anna Wintour to put his fiancée, Kim Kardashian, on the front of US Vogue.

After Lena Dunham got her front page spread, Kanye was said to be livid, begging his perma-aloof frow-mate Anna Wintour to give his boo a spot on the fashion bible's front page.

And it looks like Anna has finally bent to Kanye's will – or, just changed her mind because she felt like it, or, you know, realised Kim has as much talkability as Lena. Because according to Jezebel, Kim spent the weekend in front of the cameras shooting her cover shot. ‘They’re in LA shooting her RIGHT NOW!’ a ‘close source’ said.

If this is for real – and considering Jezebel did manage to get those unretouched photos of Lena Dunham in US Vogue, one would assume they do have a ‘close source’ there – then it’s huge. The cover slot is a coveted place for any non-model-to-be. For all of Victoria Beckham's fashion awards, runway shows and successes as a singer-turned-WAG-turned-designer, she has still not ever been given the cover of US Vogue, well, unless you count the time the Spice Girls adorned it, something to which Anna has since explained she regrets. ‘I’m not terribly proud of putting the Spice Girls on the cover,’ she once told The Wall Street Journal.

We’re betting the same regrets won’t extend to Kim. Especially as she seems to sell those magazines in the States.

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