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A Ranking Of Antoni From Queer Eye's Best Slogan T-Shirts

© Netflix

If you're yet to become initiated in the ways of Queer Eye, there are three things you need to know about Antoni Porowski, the show's resident 'food and wine' expert. One: he has the face of an angel. Two: his cooking repertoire (and the prominence of avocados in that repertoire) is the subject of heated Internet debate. And three: he's hopelessly devoted to slogan t-shirts.

Just as his co-presenter Tan only wears jazzily patterned shirts with the sleeves rolled up, just as Karamo has an endless supply of silk bomber jackets and just as Bobby wears whatever he needs to wear to build a house from scratch in four days, Antoni is almost exclusively attired in tees that have a gnomic phrase - or Noughties indie band logo - printed on the front. If you write something on a plain t-shirt, he will come running. In fact, if you're listening, Antoni, I probably have some Arcade Fire merch dating from 2006 that I'd be willing to part with for a price?

Of the show's Fab Five, Antoni is by far the most elusive. He chops avocados, he adds garnishes to hot dogs (perhaps this is what we can expect from his upcoming 'fast-casual' New York eatery?) and sometimes sheds a single tear. So, it's his t-shirts that do the talking. They tell us that Noughties indie is his favourite musical genre. He really, really loves The Strokes: in season one alone, he wears three tops paying tribute to Julian Casablancas et al (after Netflix reached out to the band, apparently, they sent him a boxload of them - because the ones he'd previously been wearing were bootlegs). He also loves The National (who recently gave him a shout out on their Twitter account). And his favourite book is without a doubt Hanya Yanagihara's Booker-shortlisted A Little Life, because he's always wearing a version of that ubiquitous 'John & Paul & Ringo & George' tee, but with Beatles swapped for its characters' names.

So, in the interests of Antoni appreciation, consider this an inexhaustive, highly subjective ranking of his best t-shirts, starting with the generic and moving on to the truly standout...