Another Day, Another Harry Styles Girlfriend Rumour

Apparently Harry Styles was seen snuggling up to his new girlfriend on Tuesday night. Team Debrief begs to differ...


by Sophie Cullinane |
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A day doesn’t seem to go by without someone linking Harry Styles to a new lady friend and today isn’t any different, because apparently he’s been seen snuggling up to another ‘on-again, off-again’interest, in the shape of model Kara Marshall.

The pair were apparently introduced by Harry’s BFF and hair stylist Lou Teasdale (who has just released a new beauty book, The Craft) last summer, when Harry flew 22 year-old Kara out to see him in New York. And for once, there seems to be some tangible evidence that a hook-up might have taken place, as Kara has been photographed on a couple of different occasionswearing Harry’s T-Shirt.

Their latest rendezvous is reported to have happened on Tuesday night at London's Ace Hotel launch of Lou Teasdale’s book, where, according to an insider,he was seen ‘snuggling’ up to her in dark corners. ‘They see each other whenever they are in the UK and have been really close for a while now,' says a source. 'Harry really likes her, not just because she’s beautiful, but he also thinks she’s cool and down to earth. They’re both Northern, so have a similar sense of humour.’

Hmmm, not sure we buy this one. Not least because as far as we could see, the only ‘snuggling’ Harry was doing that night was with some very lucky ladies from The Debrief team. And obviously we made sure we got a picture:


Soz Kara.

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