Anne Hathaway Is On Board With Princess Diaries Three, Dreams Do Come True

In the words of Mia Thermopolis: 'SHUT UP'

Anne Hathaway Is On Board With Princess Diaries Three, Dreams Do Come True

by Alyss Bowen |
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Anne Hathaway just made dreams come true to twenty-something women everywhere. Okay, well technically Garry Marshall, the director of The Princess Diaries (if you haven’t watched them back-to-back multiple times, get in the sea), when he announced that he plans to work on a The Princess Diaries 3. You heard us, another installment is in the works and Anne is fully on board.

I mean, what a way to cheer us up on this gloomy Wednesday. Obviously Hathaway is currently pretty pregnant, so filming is going to be put on hold until she pops, but Princess Mia Thermopolis is coming back to our screens and people are getting pretty excited about it. Us included, obviously.

We’re hoping for more inspiring quotes from the characters. After all, Mia is basically us when we were 16, struggling to fit in at school, coping with big hair and even bigger problems.

Here's some of our favourite moments. Call it an 'ode to Mia'.

That time Joe got deep with her in while driving and gave us our Myspace 'quote' for about three years.

That time she couldn't sit like a 'lady' so fell off the chair (aka, us)

Don't mind us, just having a cry over here

I mean, if this hasn't been every girl in the world at some point in their lives, who are you?!

We'll leave you with this

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