Anna Wintour Says Benedict Cumberbatch Was The Only Man To ‘Nail’ Met Gala Dresscode

According to Anna, everyone except Benedict got White Tie wrong.


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If you're wondering who might be the next US Vogue cover star, you might want to look to a man; because according to Anna Wintour, Benedict Cumberbatch was the only dude to 'nail' the White Tie dresscode at last week's Met Gala.

In conversation with her Met Gala co-chair Sarah Jessica Parker for US talkshow* Late Night with Seth Myers*, Anna painstakingly unpicked all the men that failed to adhere to the Met Gala dresscode. And we've got to say, we love this. How many articles do you read where a Hollywood woman's gown is voted a fail?

Running through the role call of attending men at the 16th annual Met Gala, Anna explains that Kanye West came close to getting it perfect, except for his ommission of the wing collar, or the white tie. Jake Gyllenhaal had gone for what Anna coolly dismissed as 'Brooklyn white tie' (which we assume to be a hipster riff on the dresscode) and Tom Brady quite honestly ' did not look at the invitation.' But, 'he is with Gisele so that helps.' Ouch.

Meanwhile Bradley Cooper was '99.5 % right, but his studs should be onyx and not mother of pearl.' Hugh Jackman had opted for a 'tropical dinner jacket' (tsk tsk) and even host Seth Myers disappointed Anna. 'Seth, you are allowed to wear dark blue, but you didn't have the tails.' However, Benedict - the Cumberbitches will be thrilled to hear - 'nailed it.'

SJP was in vociferous approval (though we don't think, to be honest, you'd ever actually disgaree with Anna), saying that she told Benedict that he bought 'a little bit of class to the evening.' In fact, she goes so far to say that he 'elevated' an already pretty elevated event.

To be fair to all those who that failed at the dresscode, white tie is notoriously difficult to get right, particularly for men. 'The most amusing email I had was from Tom Ford who dressed many of the most handsome men there on Monday night' Anna says. 'He said he had not only had hundreds of men coming in and asking him to explain what white tie meant, they were very confused by decorations.'

Apparently, some A-Listers thought the theme meant 'Christmas decorations' and somewhat bizarrely asked Tom to help them choose the, er, correct decs. We really wish Tom had said yes. We'd pay good money to see Leo dressed up as a Christmas tree.

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