Don’t Ever Ask Anna Kendrick To Be Your Bridesmaid

anna kendrick

by Elizabeth Bennett |

As well as being an award-winner actress, talented singer and hilarious on Twitter, Anna Kendrick remains utterly relatable. Exhibit A: her attitude to weddings and the dreaded bridesmaid duty.

Speaking on The Today Show as part of the press tour for her new movie, Table 19, Kendrick waxed lyrical about the film’s theme, weddings. In Table 19, Kendrick plays the character of an ex-bridesmaid banished to the misfit table, and in the interview Kendrick reveals she would have no problem being demoted from maid duties.

“I’ve only been a bridesmaid once,” Kendrick said.

“I feel like I’ve made an effort to not have super close female friends because, at any given point in my life, I have a female friend who’s like ‘I’m on this email chain and it’s about nail polish and we’re all gonna go get manicures and get the same manicures,’ and I’m so terrified of that,” Kendrick joked.

“I feel like I’m waiting until girls get married and then we can be really close friends,” she added.

anna kendrick

Kendrick later confirmed her view on the subject when she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

“I try not to get invited to weddings. It's like watching your friends put on a little pageant. And you have to be in a nice dress and talk to people you don’t know,” Kendrick told the audience.

“I feel like I've potentially avoided making very close female friends 'cause I don't want to be a bridesmaid. If you put me on an email chain, and tell me I have to wear ballet pink nail polish, I will kill you where you stand. It's a deal-breaker.”

And don’t get her started on hen parties.

“No, I’m not having it... I’m not planning a trip to Vegas, I’m not doing any of that. I’m a very lazy friend.”

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