Angel Haze Says Tinder Leads to ‘Disgusting, Nasty Sex’

Angel Haze really doesn't like online dating and think's Tinder is 'gross'


by Sophie Cullinane |
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Using Tinder at the moment? Well, prepare to feel kind of bad about it, because Angel Haze thinks it's 'so gross'. Oh.

Writing on Noisey, the rapper said, 'You have Grindr and Tinder, where you’re clicking on someone and deciding if you want to fuck them in five seconds, going to their hotel, and having disgusting, nasty sex. It all happens so fast. It’s so instantaneous.'

I mean, we get it, but we're not sure it's 'gross'? We thought the nasty sex was kind of the point of Tinder? No?

Anyway, Angel Haze went on to talk about her own experiences with love and the difficulties of trying to date on tour. Her label apparently fly her dates to meet her, which sounds pretty sweet to us, but she says it leaves them feeling like 'cheap whores'.

Erm, anyone else feeling slightly like hot hotel sex and having potential dates flown out to you at your behest actually sounds pretty sweet?

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