Woman Swears And World Goes Into Meltdown

We'd have said a lot worse, tbh


by Stevie Martin |
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Andy Murray got through to the final of the Australian Open, but everyone is too busy reporting on the fact that his fiancé Kim Sears swore during the match. Which is bizarre, considering the pressure both of them are under, and how absolutely totally normal it is to swear when the person you love is competing at a professional level. We swear when we watch tennis. And we don’t even know him.

Papers have clamoured to get lipreaders in to confirm what was actually said – but none of them agree. Some, at The Telegraph, think it was ‘Fucking have that you flashy Czech, you flashy fuck. If that’s what you get...’, then another suggested ‘Fucking have that Czech you fat old fuck’, and yet another opted for the slightly less rude ‘Fucking hell! That fucking Czech could fight to five now he'’ one down.’

But why do we actually care what she said?

It’s all part of the growing trend whereby people are more interested in the girlfriends off the pitch, than the players on them – remember the whole WAG stuff? Well, it’s basically in tennis now, with the MailOnline referring to the fact both competitors’ girlfriends were wearing engagement rings as a ‘showdown’.

Even during the match, ESPN showed a split-screen of the two women ‘sporting’ their jewellery, as if anyone watching the match was really that interested.

To be fair, though, it’s a really good swear. Just weird that everyone seems to be losing their head over it. It’s 2015, guys, and people swear. They also wear engagement rings. Let’s all just chill out and watch the tennis, OK?

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