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In case you missed it, Amy Schumer is on the cover of American Vogue this month. Accompanying her Annie Leibovitz-shot cover and very honest interview, Schumer wrote and starred in a short film with Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour.

The video kicks off in Wintour’s swanky NY office with the pair discussing whose job is easier, and from that the subsequent challenge arises. Schumer struggles with choosing between two near-identical sweaters while holding a seriously oversized latte, while Wintour takes to the stage at the famed Comedy Centre and makes a lol-worthy ‘Wintour Is Coming’ quip.

In the Vogue interview Schumer speaks frankly about her career, opens up about being vulnerable and shares details of her sex life. And in true Amy style she is hilarious throughout.

Here are the best bits from the interview:

On making her own career rules:

“I am very into making up my own rules. Like, I don’t want to play the game and succeed at it. I want to redefine it. That’s the only way I can deal with it. Maybe that’s naive.”

On dealing with trolls:

“ [Some people] don’t like my disgusting feminism. The feedback that reaches me is so equal in appreciation and outrage that it doesn’t feel overwhelming in either direction.”

**On being vulnerable: **

“Some days [the abuse] does [get to me]. Some days there will be a bunch of websites dedicated to trying to get me to just shut my mouth, or I’ll walk into a green room and someone had a caricature artist draw me and it’s with a martini glass, looking like a linebacker with Jay Leno’s chin. That can get to me. I’m not without that vulnerability.”

On finding her passion for comedy:

“I grew up comedy crazy. And none of my girlfriends were, so I gravitated toward certain boys. We all loved the Jerky Boys and making prank phone calls and SNL. It was the same thing with hip-hop.”

On self-esteem:

“I lost all my self-esteem freshman year. I think I was maybe in the twenty-fifth percentile in hotness. And then in my sophomore year, I probably had sex with six guys, and I was like, Maybe I’m like Samantha in Sex and the City.”

On her relationship with boyfriend Ben Hanisch:

“We’re in love. And we’re still in total honeymoon phase. It’s a real relationship. Who knows what will happen, but we’re real good right now.”

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