“I Feel Great”: Amy Schumer’s Inspired Response To Body-Shaming Designer


by Anna Brech |

Amy Schumer is a lady who knows her worth, a quality that is evident in her brilliant riposte to a body-shaming designer.

The 35-year-old comedian posted an Instagram Stories broadcast over the weekend, which showcased a slew of exuberant bikini selfies.

The carefree images show Amy paddle boarding, jumping into the water and generally having an awesome time - all the time looking great in her swimwear.

“I feel great. No haters can f with my baseline,” Amy remarked, drawing her series of swim snaps to a close.

Image: Amy Schumer/Instagram ©Getty

The stand-up star did not directly address Massachusetts-based swimwear designer Dana Duggan, who has come under fire for her mean-spirited response to Amy's latest InStyle cover.

The magazine's May edition shows Amy floating on water in a white one-piece swimsuit.

"Come on now!" Dana wrote, in response to a photo of the cover. "You could not find anyone better for this cover? Not everyone should be in a swimsuit."

Amy's InStyle cover ©InStyle

As outcry over her comments gained momentum, Dana took to Instagram to defend herself and insisted she had not been fat-shaming Amy.

"I can have my opinion and you can have yours. It called Freedom of Speech. I'm not judging. Just stating my opinion," she wrote.

Image: Amy Schumer/Instagram ©Getty

Amy has stayed silent on the controversy, as her manager Carrie Byalick told the DailyMail.com{:target=_blank :rel=noopener noreferrer} that they were busy "celebrating how beautiful the cover is".

"We're really proud," she added.

Despite not naming Dana, Amy's broadcast on Instagram spoke volumes. She's clearly happy to step above her haters, and we're a big fan of her ebullient, two-fingers-up retort.

"I feel great. No haters can f with my baseline" ©Getty

It's not the first time Amy has become embroiled in negativity over her body.

Responding to trolls who said she didn't look the part for a mooted Barbie role in December, the Trainwreck star wrote an impassioned message on Instagram.

"Is it fat-shaming if you know you're not fat and have zero shame in your game? I don't think so. I am strong and proud of how I live my life and say what I mean and fight for what I believe in and I have a blast doing it with the people I love. Where's the shame? It's not there. It's an illusion," she wrote.

"Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support and again my deepest sympathy goes out to the trolls who are in more pain than we will ever understand," she continued. "I want to thank them for making it so evident that I am a great choice. It's that kind of response that let's you know something's wrong with our culture and we all need to work together to change it."

Hear, hear.

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