Why Does Twitter Have Such A Problem With Amy Schumer Playing Barbie?

Amy's apparent attempts to modernism Barbie's image and message have not gone down well with Twitter's army of fat-shamers

Why Does Twitter Have Such A Problem With Amy Schumer Playing Barbie?

by Jennifer Lynn |
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Over the weekend it was announced that Amy Schumer is in talks to star as the lead in Sony’s live-action Barbie film. According to Variety, the existing screenplay by Hilary Winston is expected to be rewritten by Amy and her sister/producer Kim Caramele, with the story revolving around Barbie being kicked out of Barbieland for being imperfect. Pretty fun, huh?

With her own outspoken views on women embracing their imperfections (she’s previously used the hashtag #celluliteformyhomies on Instagram), Amy seems like a pretty ideal actress to take on the role of Barbie, modernising the plastic fantastic doll and the attitudes of those watching for the 21st century. But, of course, online trolls are having none of it. Here's just a small sample of the fat-shaming Amy's been subject to since the news broke:

Not exactly the kind of mentions you want to have popping up on your phone when you've just had to cancel your world tour due to illness, are they? Sure, you might have grown up with the unrealistically tall, skinny, blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll, but times are a changin'. In January this year, Mattel – Barbie's parent company – introduced tall, petite and curvy versions of the iconic doll, with new skin tones, hair and eye colours added to the line back in 2015.

Plus, may we remind you that (as she stated when a magazine featured her in a plus-size line-up earlier this year) Amy is a UK size 10-12; hardly what could be called out as 'fat', but definitely a more realistic body for young women to see on screen. While the comedian hasn't yet responded to her trolls, or confirmed her role as Barbie, we'd just like to take a moment for those who are excited to see Amy play everyone's favourite doll:

Thank goodness not all is not (completely) wrong with the world.

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