Looks Like Love Island Star Aaron Simpson And Married At First Sight’s Amy Christophers Are Dating

Are the two reality stars dating after their on-screen relationship breakdowns?

Amy Christophers Aaron SImpson

by Beth Ashley |

Our two favourite reality TV worlds are colliding off-screen, in the cutest way. Married at First Sight's Amy Christophers’ romance with Love Island Star Aaron Simpson is clearly blossoming, as they were spotted spending the night in a hotel together last night.

Rumours about the pair potentially dating sparked last month when they were spotted cosied-up while working as presenters at Ascot Racecourse last month. Flaming the rumour fires, they’ve posted many cute, flirty couple selfies on Instagram stories, driving fans wild!

And now, working together has brought them to another romantic moment. While on a work trip to Exeter, the pair decided to make the most of the time away and booked a hotel together.

Last night, Amy hinted at their relationship by sharing footage of her at the train station with Aaron on her Instagram story. The 34-year-old reality star and columnist showed her and Aaron’s collective luggage, joking about how much he had brought with him. She said: ‘We’re going away for one night, whose luggage is whose, do you think?’, panning the camera over an extreme amount of stuff!

Both of the stars had on-screen relationships which broke down a bit messily. Amy's marriage to Married at First Sight co-star Josh Christie was displayed on screen and were seemingly happy, even deciding to renew their vows after the show ended (a condition to continue the marriage off-screen). Despite this, their relationship only lasted another 25 days, ending before the E4 show even had a chance to air. The two continued to post selfies together and wear their rings to avoid spoiling the show for viewers, though - which must have been a little awkward!

It’s unclear why the two decided to call it quits, though Amy implied Joshua broke it off and was frustrated when he couldn't give a ‘real reason’ for his decision. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Joshua Christie had 'no idea' his wife Amy Christophers had appeared in porn films when they wed last month - Amy performed in low-budget pornography under the alias ‘'Brandy Brewer' - implying this was part of his decision. Talking to The Mirror, Amy said she felt like Josh ‘wasn't making an effort’.

Aaron had a similarly difficult breakdown to his on-screen relationship. Aaron revealed he was ghosted by his partner Mary Bedford after they left Love Island together last Summer. Speaking to the Sun earlier this year, he said Mary had ignored his messages as she struggled with her grandmother's passing away. Speaking on Instagram, Amy said she felt 'all over the place,' since the death of her grandmother and she and Aaron broke up so she could focus all her time and energy into getting herself back into the right headspace. They shared an awkward reunion at Love Island's Aftersun programme, when they came face to face for the first time since breaking up.

For a 24-year-old and a 34-year-old, they’ve already had some tumultuous romantic experiences but they seem to be enjoying each other’s company, if Instagram is anything to go by! Hopefully, Aaron and Amy will be a better match, and they certainly have a lot in common following their televised, whirlwind relationships!

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