America’s Next Top Model Winners: Where Are They Now?

Avon Ladies. Actors. Artists. We've tracked down every single ANTM winner.


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For 24 seasons, America's Next Top Model has put wannabe models through their paces and whittled them down to one, final winner with the help of Tyra Banks (in all but one season) and a long list of other fashion experts.. That's 24 gorgeous, fierce, smizing champions, who have gone onto various levels of success.

If you've ever wondered what they're up to now, wonder no longer. Here's a status update for each one. Wanna be on top?

Adrianne Curry – Season 1

Adrianne was the one who started it all, the first ever winner of the first ever season. She had a cool attitude with a rocky edge, and used the win as a springboard into a career in modelling and reality television. Married to voice actor Matthew Rhode, Adrianne is less in the public eye these days, but still keeps her fans up-to-date on Instagram and is a proud Avon Lady. ‘Need a bad ass former Z-list celebrity that lives deep in the rocky mountains to personally pick out your skincare regimen and make-up?’, she writes on her website. ‘Well, here is your lucky day!’ Considering she has barely aged since winning her season, we trust her insights.

Yoanna House – Season 2

Speaking of barely aging, look at season 2 winner Yoanna House. Chic and elegant, she was a worthy champion of season 2, and has modelled, presented and acted as a brand ambassador ever since her win. She’s also been keeping her followers entertained in lockdown through singing and style sessions.

Eva Marcille – Season 3

Eva Marcille (then known by her birthname, Eva Pigford) had attitude, humour and, of course, beauty, even if she was shorter than the usual catwalk models. Since winning in her final, she found success in the world of acting, in shows like The Young And The Restless (she played a character called Tyra!) and House Of Payne. But now, she may be more recognisable through her appearance on Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Naima Mora – Season 4

Naima had a great look that lent itself to both edgy and commercial – a difficult balance that Tyra always strove for in her winners. Unsurprisingly, she has managed to stay in fashion, but she’s also written a book about her experiences – Model Behaviour – and has a Model Tips Live podcast.

Nicole Linkletter – Season 5

Nicole beat off some stiff competition to take her crown, and has walked many a runway and graced many a cover since her victory. She was also a judge for Miss USA. Now, she’s signed with an acting agency and runs a website documenting her life as a mum to two adorable children. Honestly, look how cute.

Danielle Evans – Season 6

Danielle ‘Dani’ Evans was one of few ANTM winners to have her CoverGirl contract renewed. Like Naima, she’s written a book - The Skinny on Getting In – and she has appeared on Rip the Runway and Project Runway. In recent years, she founded hat brand Monrowe, and is still a working model on the books of prestigious agency Elite.

CariDee English – Season 7

CariDee was impulsive and energetic, and took an incredible photograph. After her win brought in plenty of work in fashion, she stepped into the TV industry as a host on MTV’s Scarred, among other projects. Now, she sings, drums, is a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation and, of course, still knows how to smize.

Jaslene Gonzalez – Season 8

With passion and tenacity, Jaslene walked circles around her season 8 competitors despite trying – and failing – to make it into the season 7 house. She has popped up on The View and other talk shows and had small acting roles, and describes herself as a philanthropist. Evidently, she is also handy in the kitchen.

Saleisha Stowers – Season 9

Now going by Sal, Saleisha carved an impressive acting career following her win. She has played Lani Price in iconic US soap Days Of Our Lives for five years, and will next be seen in Beyond Therapy. Unsurprisingly, she is very into her fitness.

Whitney Thompson – Season 10

We loved Whitney’s personality and professionalism. She was the first woman categorised as a ‘plus-size’ model to win the competition, and while we don’t love the term, we admired Whitney’s attitude and persistence in what can be an unhealthy industry. She still models, but she also blogs, and she and her husband own a restaurant in Tennessee called Copper Vault, and they have a baby son named Winston.

McKey Sullivan – Season 11

McKey’s name went up in lights – literally – when she took first prize in season 11 and earned a Times Square billboard in the process. She did the usual parade of magazines and catwalks, but these days is happy keeping a low profile with her family. She married Sam Alvey in 2013, and they have five children. She loves Mixed Martial Arts, and is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner, so you’d want her in your corner.

Teyona Anderson – Season 12

Teyona competed in a strong season, but emerged as the winner. Her posing was always on point, her face game was A grade, and she was sparky and well-liked. She appeared in Seventeen and Glamour, and worked a lot in South Africa in particular. She is a mother of two, and judging by her Instagram she definitely still knows her angles.

Nicole Fox - Season 13

Nicole followed her win by booking gigs with CoverGirl and Steve Madden, among other designers, and acted in The Bold And The Beautiful. Now, though, she primarily works as an artist using crayon and pastels. She likes cats.

Krista White – Season 14

Krista collected her $100,000 Cover Girl contract and Seventeen Magazine spread, and stepped onto the catwalk in New York and Milan. Now based in Las Vegas, she still presents on television, is Fashion Director at Deluxe Fashion Magazine, and recently partnered with Eelece Beauty.

Ann Ward – Season 15

Tall, slim and chic, Ann was a natural model. She followed her Season 15 success by booking shoots in magazines like Vogue Italia and walking for Vivienne Westwood. Like Season 13’s Nicole, she has moved into art: she is now a concept artist, character designer and animator. She hasn’t posted an image of herself in years but does enjoy the occasional throwback amidst the impressive cartoons and sketches.

Brittani Kline – Season 16

Brittani is one of very few of the winners to have declared themselves as a former model, thus giving up pursuing a career in fashion. At the beginning of this year, she explained her rollercoaster decade: ‘From winning ANTM, traveling the world, meeting new friends, mental breakdowns, college graduation, grandmother's liver transplant, step dad's pancreatic cancer diagnosis, giving birth, falling in love with a tiny human, starting a career in a field outside of fashion, taking on master's program classes...and about a million significant things that weren't mentioned.’

Lisa D’Amato – Season 17

Lisa may have been one of the most hardworking models to take the title of season winner. From her first appearance in Season 5, she showed that she knew her references, was keen to put the work in, and wanted to walk away as America’s Next Top Model. When this didn’t happen, she returned for an All-Star season, and took first prize after Angelea Preston was disqualified in a shock finale.

She has since modelled and presented, has released two albums, and is the CEO of Dare U Go (it’s a 5-in-1 bib for toddlers). Like many of us, she’s been posting videos from lockdown. That reminds us: buy a trampoline.

Sophie Sumner – Season 18

Nope, we’re nowhere near done yet! ANTM’s eighteenth season had a British invasion theme, with the Americans competing with new British contestants. Sophie, who had come in second on Britain’s Next Top Model, was this time victorious. Now, she’s a TV presenter and producer, appeared in 2015 series Taking New York, and is still based in New York.

Laura James – Season 19

It was perhaps inevitable that Laura would follow her win with success in acting. Her father, John James, was a star of Eighties hit Dynasty. Now, she plays Molly Hicks in S.W.A.T., having proven herself through roles in The Last Day, The Young and the Restless and American Woman. Like many an actress, she’s based in LA.

Jourdan Miller – Season 20

Jourdan was the first winner to beat several men to victory too, in the show’s Boys v Girls season. Now 26, Jourdan is still modelling and, as she says in her Instagram, is ‘still searching for my favorite jelly bean flavour.’

Keith Carlos – Season 21

Keith competed after retiring early from American football, and was the first male winner of the series. He played Danny in The Bold And The Beautiful (so many ANTM winners go into soaps!) and appeared in Cardi B’s Be Careful video. He fronts an enterprise named Dream Katchers with Matthew Smith – who appeared with him in his ANTM season and has since become known as Jesus in Too Hot To Handle. It describes itself as a ‘one stop shop for making your vision a reality.’

Nyle DiMarco – Season 22

Nyle has made a huge impression on the global scene since winning his season. The first deaf winner, he has travelled the world as an actor (in shows like Switched At Birth and This Close) but also through his foundation, which fights to improve the lives of deaf people. He boasts an impressive 1.8 million Instagram followers.

India Gants – Season 23

Seattle’s India Gants won ANTM in 2017, back when Rita Ora took over as head judge. Based in LA, she has done bits of acting, and is still modelling.

Kyla Coleman – Season 24

Tyra returned for season 24, and crowned Kyla the winner. She has walked at Paris Fashion Week, and modelled for brands including Alexander Wang. She is based in New York.

And that's your lot. Satisfied? Keep your eyes open: maybe Tyra will bring the show back to glory once more.

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