This Is Why Americans Think We’re Tea-Obsessed Geeks

Kate Middleton and Prince William have a huge opportunity to show they give a crap about actual issues affecting Americans right now...


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Kate Middleton and Prince William (sorry, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge) are meant to be representing the UK while on their tour of New York. But, unfortunately, their behaviour on the trip makes us all out to look like a bunch of nerds.

Let us explain. Prince William has used his platform in America to cause controversy... by attacking China’s involvement in the ivory trade. We’re not denouncing the rights of animals – we think it’s really important that William’s work to stop the ivory trade is successful. The ivory trade should remain in the 19th century. However, if we’re talking about hangovers from the imperial times that actually affect Americans, how about the treatment of black people?

Eric Garner was killed by an illegal chokehold a police officer put him in as a friend filmed the entire thing. Oh, and unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot multiple times. So was unarmed 13-year-old Tamir Rice. There is undoubtedly a wide problem where white officers, or even just white people (see the killing of Trayvon Martin) seem to be getting away with murder. However, the closest thing Kate and Wills got to addressing any of the actual issues going on in actual America was the Brooklyn Nets game, where just round the corner a demo was going on between protestors chanting Eric’s last words: ‘I can’t breathe.’

At the basketball game, Kate Middleton turned up in a tweed dress (we’d never normally gripe about what she wears, but even if she wasn’t pregnant, she’s still about to watch a brightly-lit game full of squeaky shoes and loud banging balls on the floor, and people shouting, why not allow her the comfort of a jumper and jeans?) and William looked strangely sport-and-fashion-savvy in a checked shirt. LeBron James, the player they’d met shortly before the game, wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the logo ‘I Can’t Breathe’ to warm up in, as did three other players. So maybe Kate and Wills noticed the message, but just didn’t want to talk about it.

They did have some stuff to talk about, though – when Beyoncé and Jay Z crossed the court during one of the breaks to meet them, they had an animated chat. Surrounded by oodles of minders, of course.

They’ve got one day left of their official visit to New York, let’s hope they start to look just a little bit less geeky and a bit more in touch. Our parents know who Jay Z and Beyoncé are.

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