Amber Rose Challenged Instagram To #BringBackTheBush And People Got Really Creative

And of course, Piers Morgan had an opinion about it but Amber took care of that too.

Amber Rose Challenged Instagram To #BringBackTheBush And People Got Really Creative

by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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We’re no strangers to the fact that whenever a female celebrity opts to share pictures of her body online, the social media always has something to say. Kim Kardashian West’s nude selfie shut everything down, prompting support (and critique) from celebrities and blue tick-less regular people the like. And it’s no surprise that Amber Rose’sbearing baring bottomless Instagram is doing a similar thing.

Over the weekend, Amber posted a picture of herself sprawled across a staircase in nothing but a bikini top, fur coat, a thick silver choker, a pair of shades and some silver heels. The picture, which, newsflash: was promptly taken down from Instagram, showed Amber Rose’s uncovered nether region. Her mons pubis, aka the pubic mound, to be specific. It showed Amber Rose’s mons pubis with a healthy head(?) of hair on it.

The picture (which she later uploaded on Twitter ‘for the haters’ once the Instagram version had been removed), was shared with the caption: ‘Amber Rose challenge anyone? Lol post your version of my picture and hashtag #AmberRoseChallenge behalf of feminism, body positivity and not conforming to society norms of how we should live, what we should wear and where we should shave [eye roll emoji]’.

Safe to say the challenge was accepted by many. Well, more or less considering that people had to get, erm, creative, to get past Instagram's strict rules...

'Put it away, luv. Thanks', he tweeted. And I think I'll just leave that there and take a minute to silently scathe in disbelief as I'm sure many of us do when Piers Morgan pipes up again...

The thing is, unfortunately, a woman consensually showing any part of her body that isn't usually visible or by any construct socially 'appropriate' is still seen as controversial, regardless of the fact in this particular case Amber's focus was on female empowerment, assert control over the part of our bodies that we shave to better appeal to the male gaze and promote an event that aims to do a similar thing.

But of course, that's not something Piers Morgan has ever quite understood now, is it? Amber clapped back to his comment with a rather lengthy hashtag that might be easier for us to spell out for you. It read: 'I'll Take Things Misogynistic Assholes Say for 500 Alex'.

'It's not "misogyny' to think that posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention-seeking bulls**t', Piers replied. Don't you just love it when a middle-aged white man who is known for needlessly causing (and losing) Twitter spats with people more famous than he is tries to mansplain feminist empowerment?

'I'm assuming you are referring to the pubic hair that was shown in the picture', Amber responded. 'Uncomfortable? Get over it'. I have a hunch it will take a while for Piers to get over it, about as much time as it will sadly take for the entirety of society not to be shocked at the sight of a women's body in a context that isn't manufactured to cater to what men want. But in the meantime, if someone could shut down his Twitter account that would be great.

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