Allison Williams And Her Dad Have This To Say About That Anal Scene

Everyone’s talking about the rim job in the first episode of the new series, but here's what Allison Williams – oh, and her dad – have to say about it (spoilers)...


by Sophie Wilkinson |

If you care about spoilers and haven’t already seen the first episode of the new season of Girls (it’s so popular, our screening for it was full – sorry guys!) look away now. If you don’t care about spoilers but do want to read what Allison Williams had to say about THAT sex scene, well, read on.

There was a lot of eating out in last night’s episode; an awkward dinner, an awkward brunch, the scene where Marnie’s bum gets eaten out by her musician bloke Desi. It’s followed by some lube-free hasty anal sex over a kitchen sink, but the bit that people are talking about is the rimming, because, well, it’s just a bit rarer to see it on TV.

Here’s what Allison herself has spoken about it. A lot.

‘Because of my wiring, I read it in the script and I went into total action mode. I got everyone together and I was like, “All right, Grace [in wardrobe], you and me — we’re going to come up with something so ingenious that he is going to feel comfortable.”’ she told Vulture.

‘I mean, think about where he is, right! It was our first day back of shooting and it was my birthday — everything was happening. I grabbed the makeup girl and said, “I want to smell like a cake,” so we put vanilla cream everywhere so everything smells good.'

‘And then I’m like, “Grace, we’re going to rig something invisible from the side but that feels like a pillow when he puts his face into it.”’

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‘I had a couple of days talking to wardrobe and makeup to get ready to rig the thing that I wore for the ass motorboating,’ She explained further to Entertainment Weekly.[*


‘It was an engineering achievement! I would manufacture it if more than one person a year needed it. It was so elaborate — it involved Spanx that we cut away and glued down, and [it] involved menstrual pads and two of those weird thongs. I’ve had to do scenes like this twice now.’

And if you think she’s had enough to say about the rimming scene, check out what her dad Brian Williams – who’s an American newsreader, like the American Huw Edwards or something – had to say about it, as he told Vulture, ‘She’s always been an actress. For us, watching her is the family occupation and everybody has to remember it’s acting, no animals were harmed during the filming, and ideally nobody gets hurt.’

As for Lena Dunham, who wrote the scene for her friend? ‘She was a good sport,’ she said. ‘Let me tell you this, when someone puts their face in your butt, whether there’s a barrier or not, their face is still in your butt. And she handled that with aplomb.’

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And there you have it, that’s how they do rimming on TV. It’s not advice for the actual practical IRL carrying out of rimming, but it is kind of validating that a whole new sexual act that countless people might enjoy has been brought to the masses.

Here’s a gif of the scene here, at the bottom of the article, where it’s meant to be:

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