Alexa Chung, Zoella, And Jameela Jamil Will Be On The Great British Bake Off For Comic Relief. Amazing.

The lineup for Red Nose Day's Bake Off Is Incredible...


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OK, so, starting from 11 February, The Great British Bake Off is about to get some seriously famous cooks. Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg aka most famous YouTuber in the world and author of bestselling debut novel of all time, has joined a cast including Alexa Chung, Jameela Jamil and Gok Wan.

The four-parter will also star Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry – obvs – who will judge their cakey offerings and decide the overall winner.

We are so excited. It’s like a cheese dream. A cheesecake dream, people. But what sort of baking will Alexa, Jameela and Zoella showcase on the show?

According to recent pieces penned by Alexa in The Independent, she’s pretty big on frosting – but claims she can’t cook very well.

That’s probably self-deprecating balls, because in the same paragraph she writes: ‘As I pulled my third batch of cup cakes from the oven on my second day off, I realised I was actually going to be driven mad by boredom.’

Nobody makes three batches of cup cakes if they’re crap at baking. In the same article, she mentions making ‘mind-blowing icing’, so perhaps she’ll be opting for some icing-heavy cakes, such as the classic carrot, or perhaps carrot cup cakes. Or just a big bowl of icing?

In terms of Zoella, the YouTuber has already done a ‘Baking cupcakes with Zoella!’ video, as well as a ‘Baking lemon drizzle cake with Zoella!’ one, too. A lemon drizzle would be awesome, so we’re gunning for that, because Chung seems to have got the cup cake thing down.

In terms of Jameela Jamil, her Insty feed reveals a penchant for eating banana cake for breakfast, but what is banana cake? Isn't it just banana bread? Oh my God, is she going to make banana bread cake?

All will be revealed. What we do know, though, is that she once wore a pair of shoes that looked like cakes. So we’re pretty excited for her Bake Off debut.

Other celeb guests include Jennifer Saunders, Michael Sheen (yep!), David Mitchell, Dame Edna Everage and Chris Moyles. We cannot WAIT.

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