Adele Will Never Tweet You A Dickpic And Here’s Why

The singer has a two-man team OK-ing her tweets before they're sent out to her 23 million followers...

Adele Will Never Tweet You A Dickpic And Here’s Why

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Adele won’t ever ever tweet the world a dickpic. Do you want to know why? Well, first off, she’s not got her own penis to send a photo of. But also, even if she ever, for whatever reason, wanted to send a dickpic to the world via the medium of Twitter, she’d have a few obstacles to get past.

Namely, her management, who have a two-person team approving (or not approving) every tweet she sends before it goes out to her 23.8 million followers.

Just a little side note here: she has only tweeted 229 times, which means she has 103,930 followers per tweet.

Anyway, she revealed that her team will double and triple check her tweets before sending them, so as to avoid any trouble that could come from a drunken tirade. ‘I’m not a drinker any more but when Twitter first came out I was drunk tweeting and nearly put my foot in it quite a few times.

‘So my management decided they needed to go through two people and then it all has to be signed off by someone.’

She added, in a clip from the upcoming Adele at the BBC show, reports The Telegraph: ‘They’re all my tweets, no one writes my tweets, they just write them [out] for me.’

You can just tell from the singer, who’s just as gobby off stage as on, that she’s had more than a few controversial ideas to put out there in the past. But with a security team there to sanitise her tweets, it means all the off-hand stuff she might say, like slagging off Damon Albarn (though it sounded like he deserved it) gets saved for those rare interviews she does! Which is more fun for everyone, isn’t it?

As for dickpics? Well, unless she upsets the people in the security team who sign off all her tweets, looks like everyone will have to go elsewhere for smut.

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