Adele Talks Of Double Problem Facing Bigger Women

She might be beyond beautiful in the stripped-back, wet-look hair and a robe photo shoot, but that doesn't mean her life is bullshit-free...

Adele Talks Of Double Problem Facing Bigger Women

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Adele hasn’t only made a comeback via her incredible song (and flip-phone featuring video) for Hello, but she’s made a comeback with her actual face, which graces the front cover of Rolling Stone with such magisterial grace we could just spend the rest of this article talking about how pretty she is.

But what we’re going to talk about is some interesting things Adele said to the magazine.

First up, she complained, that even though she's been out of the public eye for a little while, she still remembers annoying interview questions: ‘I've been asked 'Would you do Playboy?' so many fucking times, it's ridiculous.’

‘And is that because I'm a woman or because I'm fat?’

We think that’s more to do with interviewers who don’t work for Playboy asking her about going topless than the actual magazine asking her to do a full-frontal spread for them. Although, judging from the sexiness of her fresh-faced look, Playboy would be missing a trick by not trying to get her involved, even if they’re not featuring nudity anymore. But what’s truly interesting is the intersection of sexism and body-shaming she’s had over the years.

Expanding on that point - of how women are doubly treated a bit crap for being larger - she spoke about how Chris Pratt is the first man she’s seen whose ‘before’ photos have been pored over by the press in the same way women’s are all of the time: ‘What I found really interesting was the big, big deal that was made out of Chris Pratt. When he lost all of his weight, it was, “Oh, my God, who would have known he was so fucking fit?” It was a lot of attention on when he used to be bigger. I've never seen that with a guy.’

As for the inevitable ‘are you a feminist?’ question that’s become another yardstick by which to measure a famous woman’s suitability, she exclaimed: ‘If there's a movement, that's great. Who's doing it? Will you ask me if I'm a feminist? I don't think many men in interviews get asked if they're feminist.’

Without directly being asked, she declared: ‘I'm a feminist, I believe that everyone should be treated the same, including race and sexuality.’

And in her own personal experience, of sexism, she had it in meetings when she was an up and coming artist surrounded by blokes in suits telling her ‘What do you know?’

‘Like, “Well, I'm the fucking artist, so I fucking know!’

Yes she bloody well does.

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