Adele Selfishly Says She’s ‘Too Happy’ To Write A New Album.

Apparently Adele is selfishly just too darn happy to write her new album


by Sophie Cullinane |
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Who hasn’t had a quiet [loud] little [massive] sob to themselves [on a bus] to Someone Like You at some point in their lives? It’s impossible to listen to that song without thinking about every bad romantic decision you’ve ever made in your life and we really can’t thank Adele enough for that. Sometimes we all need a little cry, and that song and The Notebook have provided perfect ammunition for a sob-fest for millions of women (and some men) for years now. Just add pinot grigio and you’re good to go.

But for those of you hoping that Adele will be adding more songs to the sob-bank are about to be sorely disappointed, because apparently she’s just too darn happy to tap into that pain and finish her next album. The selfish, selfish woman.

Adele’s made a fortune singing about her heartaches and breakups, but now she’s happily married is appears she’s finding it difficult to put on a repeat performance. A ‘source close to Adele’ (so perhaps we should take this unnamed ‘friend’ with a pinch of salt) said:

‘It’s been difficult for her to find a way to do this album without it being a big cathartic outpouring.

‘Frankly, she is in a much better place these days. Her record label have backed off because they know she doesn’t really enjoy being pressurised.

‘She likes to do things in her own time so she can get things just how she wants them.

‘There have been stories that a third album has been imminent for three years now but still there seems to be very little evidence of anything, though it is promised that there will be an album at some point this year.’

Adele has reportedly been working with other artists, including Phil Collins and Diane Warren for the album. Still, if she wants to capitalise on all that sweet, sweet, hormone-induced crying money she better start tapping into her former pain. And fast.

In the meantime, why don't you deal with that charming Sunday hangover doom by popping her Brits performance on and running yourself a bath. Go on. Treat yourself.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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