The Internet Is Obsessed With Adele Memes, Here Are Our Faves

Adele is the gift that keeps on giving...


by Aaliyah Harry |

The internet has well a truly peaked. When we used to think of Adele, we thought about her powerhouse vocals or moving lyrics, but now it's all about the stellar meme content she gives us. [Adele treated fans to a rare Instagram live](http://All The Best Moments From Adele's Instagram Live) last weekend, and it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. We now have hundreds of new memes from that one single live stream and it has the internet (and us) in stitches. If you missed Adele’s surprise Instagram live stream, don’t worry because all these memes are hilarious regardless of context.

This morning Adele's new track and video 'Easy On Me' was released (racking up 22 million views already), we have even more meme content popping up and the obsession continues. But it's not just us, celebrities are also flocking to sing her praises. There has actually been some very creative and hilarious reactions from celebrities too, from Alicia Silverstone to Lil' Nas X - we also have the most wholesome and hilarious reactions to Adele just being Adele.

Here are the best Adele memes

Here are the best celebrity reactions to Adele

In a now deleted tweet Lil' Has X wrote, ' It's crazy to think the last time Adele released new music I was sitting on stan Twitter. I feel like I'm 15 again.' Meanwhile, on Instagram One Direction member Niall Horan shared with fans that he was listening to the track on Spotify and included a picture with a red heart emoji. Even Drake posted a stunning picture of Adele on his Instagram stories, with the caption, 'One of my best friends in the world just dropped a single @Adele Woiii.' First of all, who knew Drake and Adele were such good friends? Here are the other celebrity reactions to Adele you might have missed.

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