The Ad Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro Got Paid $13m For Has Just Dropped. Here’s What We’d Do For $13m

Don't ever ask someone what they'd do for $13million because the answers are terrifying


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If you want to advertise casinos in Asia, get two Hollywood heavyweights in, Martin Scorsese to direct, and play around with a budget of (a reported) $70million. That'll probably do it, in case you didn't go to advertising school and don't know the way things work.

Today, the advert for Manila Bay's City of Dreams and Macau's Studio City (owned by the same company) dropped, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro vying for a fake role in an upcoming Scorsese movie. If you're wondering why they so easily sold their souls to a casino, it's because they got paid $13million each. Which is £8.5 million.

What would you do for £8.5 million? I asked Team Debrief and the responses were pretty eye-opening. Give it a go with the people you're currently sitting with and you'll find out quite a lot about them (unless you're on a bus with strangers).

Rebecca (Editor): I'd sell my sister. 8million. Anyone, to whoever wants her. Then I'd get naked in the office. I'd even go into the post room.

Lena (Deputy Editor): I'd lose my left hand. For 8.5 million! It's only the left one! I'd cut it off myself. I'd also give up all my friends. Actually I don't know if I would do that. No I'd definitely do that.

Jess (Culture Editor): I'd have sex in front of you guys, whether you'd like it or not. I would also burn my house down. Would you have a child with Dean Gaffney for £8.5 million?

Sophie (News Editor): [via text] Definitely not. But I would probably sleep with Wayne Rooney.

Chemmie (Editorial Assistant): I wouldn't post a naked picture of myself for £8.5 million. I'd clean shave my own head...

Lena: That's not good enough

Chemmie: OK but I can't think of one. I wouldn't kill a person for £8million.

Rebecca: I would break my own leg.

Lena: Would you kick a baby? It wouldn't damage it permanently but it would hurt

[horrified silence]

Jess: I absolutely would do that.

Rebecca: I'd punch a kitten.

Chemmie: WHAT.

Rebecca: The kitten doesn't know its been punched!

Lena: Would you flush it down the loo?

[horrified silence]

Jess: would you eat a human ear if its been chopped up and roasted?

Lena: Jess I think I'd eat your poo for £8million

[horrified silence]

Chemmie: Yeah! Yeah! That's mine! I'd definitely eat a bit of your guys' poos. I don't want people to know this and think that's the sort of person I am. Stevie, can you not put that in the piece?

Lena: Would you give up sex forever?

All: No.

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