Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is A Massive LAD And Used To Have Some ‘Crazy’ Times. According to Aaron Taylor-Johnson

He also revealed why wife Sam Taylor-Wood didn't cast him as Christian Grey...


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Aaron Taylor-Johnson might be a father of two and all settled with artist-film director wife Sam Taylor-Wood, but he insists that he’s got a ‘crazy’ past. How wild it is, considering that he got engaged to Sam when he was just 19, is yet to be decided, but in a recent interview he went to great, sweary lengths to show just how off-the-rails he used to be.

'It was a lot of crazy shit I got up to for a couple years,’

'I was pretty self-destructive at one point,' he told Nylon For Guys, adding: ‘I used to smoke 30 a day, used to fucking drink nonstop. I've always been able to be on the fucking edge—be on the line, but then pull myself back.'

We can’t say we noticed the Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging star going too madly off the rails, but maybe that’s because we didn’t quite know who he was until he married Sam, who is 23 years his senior (and, right now, exactly double his age).

Speaking in more bloke-speak, perhaps very aware that he was speaking to the ‘for guys’ version of the magazine, then spoke about his early auditions for ‘some interesting movies but a lot of TV. A lot of Nickelodeon bullshit.'

The Godzilla actor then compared auditions to getting off with girls, according to E! Online: ‘It was kind of like learning how to pull,' 'It was like, how do you go into a bar and point out the fittest girl and then just go, “I'll have her by the end of the night?”’

Aaron then scratched his balls, burped and confessed he doesn’t use deodorant because it’s 'for mugs'. No, not really. But he did pose in a boxing-style pre-punch-up move on the front of the magazine. We get it, Aaron.

He also explained why Sam never thought to cast him as the lead in the new film she's directing, a little-known BDSM story called Fifty Shades Of Grey: 'I think it would have been the wrong kind of hype to bring toward us. It would have been kind of funny that this character that all these women fancy—he's one in a million—and my wife picks her husband to play the part?'

Ok, at least he's self aware with that one.

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