8 Things We’ve Learned From Brooklyn Beckham’s Vine

Caution: the 15-year-old's fans have got some very inappropriate things to say to the eldest Beckham kid on the micro-video-blogging site...


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Brooklyn Beckham has a Vine account and a whole bunch of followers watching every mini home movie he uploads to the site. Here, we look at what we can learn from the teenager's snappily-edited short videos of what the hell he gets up to with his life.

**1. He really does want to be like his dad **

As well as his bio saying ‘football is my life’, his profile photo is a Photoshopped version of him where someone’s put tattoos across his arms and chest and those big black earplugs into his ears. Yeah, OK, so David Beckham doesn’t have those bits, but you can’t really dictate how megafans will Photoshop their child idols. Plus, he’s got his dad’s Vulcan eyebrow.


2. The difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’ is precarious

Well, at least to some.

Grammar isn't a priority for his followers, though, with one commentator telling him 'YOURE FACE IS EXTREMELY BLESSED [sic]'

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**3. He’s got mum Victoria Beckham’s pout **

Oh, and he perspires like a real human adult.

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**4. He spends a lot of time on planes **

And it sure does get boring, even for us watching.

5. His musical tastes are as varied – probably because he can go to any gig he wants

Uploading Vines of people like Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and then him nodding along to Phoenix and Clean Bandit, he’s got some eclectic – yet secret tastes. One Vine of him padding around his parents’ rented marble-floored mansion in LA implores people to follow him on Spotify, adding in his username (@brooklyn77beckham). However, if he’s got any playlists, they’re secret (FYI, he follows Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea and Shakira).

6. His voice is deeper than his dad’s

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7. He’s not as braggy as he could be

The Beckhams are all about giving their children normal upbringings. First -class flights aside, Brooklyn doesn’t seem to be that full of himself, apart from doing cute faces in the tiny selfie portions of his Vines and this showy-offness about a silly hat.

It’s hardly rich kids of Vine, is it?

8. He’s becoming a celebrity in his own right

Brooklyn might not necessarily have a celebrity talent beyond dressing quite well and perhaps maybe going out with Chloe Moretz, but he’s got quite the fanbase. Over 800 people follow him on that empty Spotify account, and he’s got 30,000 Vine followers and 4 million loops of each Vine. Plus, these creepy fans who we kind of hope are minors themselves. Not that that makes it right by any means:


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