6 Things You Need To Know About Taylor Swift’s New BFF Camila Cabello

She has the world's coolest BFF and we've been stalking her Instagram

Here’s 6 Things You Need To Know About Camila Cabello From Fifth Harmony

by Jazmin Kopotsha |

Anyone who spent the weekend scrolling through Taylor Swift’s Instagram will have seen that picture of her and a friend in matching print outfits. We saw it, and it got us wondering who the other half of the pretty in print duo was. Turns out, her name is Camila Cabello, and here’s everything you need to know about her…

She’s one fifth of Fifth Harmony

Back in 2012, Camila auditioned for season two of* The X Factor USA*. With four other girls who had originally auditioned as soloists, Simon Cowell formed the girl group LYLAS, who then became 1432... And then became Fifth Harmony. Even though the girls only finished third in the competition, it didn’t take long before they found post-X-Factor fame. Remember that really catchy girl power song BO$$ that mentions Michelle Obama in the chorus? That was them! They also released their debut album, Reflection, this year.


Taylor Swift is her bestie

So, this weekend Taylor uploaded a photo of her and pal Camila Cabello on, both wearing cute prints on a dinner date together. Taylor captioned the post, ‘Hey Camila! Let’s go out and both wear prints! We can match! It’ll be fun!’ Not to mention that back in March, Taylor threw Camila an AMAZING 18th birthday party at her house. (We know, we’re jealous, too.)

Her first name is actually Karla

We’re all aware that pop stars have a habit of dropping/changing/ignoring their real names. Well, Camila is no exception – her real full name is Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao, but for some reason she decided to ditch the name Karla. Oh, and not only does she have a great singing voice, she also speaks Spanish. Fifth Harmony has even released a Spanish version of their EP Juntos.

She loves a good selfie

If you were to wonder over to Camila’s Instagram, you would find LOTS of selfies and snaps of her in cute outfits. Added bonus if you’re one of her 1.8 million Insta-followers: she often throws in a quote or lyric with her pics.

She dated Austin Malone for three weeks

No, not the longest of relationships or whirlwind romance that we hope or read about, but are we really that surprised? She was only 17 at the time. And for those of us who weren’t too confident about who Austin Mahone actually is – he’s a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from the States who released songs with the likes of Pitbull and Flo Rida in the last couple of years.

@Camila_Cabelo has 1.66 million people follow her on Twitter

That’s still about 50 million or so less than Taylor Swift has.

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