The 10 Most Important Things That Happened At The Golden Globes

From Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence BFF-ing to Leo laughing at Lady Gaga, here's what went down.

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by Ellen Scott |

So. The Golden Globes 2016 are officially over. They were long and occasionally difficult to watch, filled with awkwardly forced banter and jokes that almost went too far, and if you can’t muster up the effort to watch the show the entire way through, we wouldn’t blame you. Just so you can stay on top of any post Golden Globes chat, here are the highlights it’s probably a good idea to know about.

1. E! introduced their 'Glambot' into the world

Replacing the much maligned mani-cam on the Golden Globes red carpet was E!’s Glambot. Sadly, this was not a makeup applying robot. Instead, it was a robotic arm that captured celebs in super duper slow motion.

We’re not quite sure how to feel about it, because while it looked pretty cool and dramatic at some points, watching celebs scream with joy in slow-mo can be a little terrifying.

2. Wiz Khalifa was just happy to be there

Wiz Khalifa was up for a Golden Globe for his emotional tribute to Paul Walker, See You Again. He ended up losing out to Sam Smith’s theme tune for Spectre, but his massive enthusiasm for just being included in the awards show was one of the best parts of the evening.

He kept pointing out how ‘crazy’ it was to be there, drank quite a bit, and generally had the best time of anyone in attendance.

3. Brie Larson mentioned an Emma Stone pep talk

In one passing comment, Brie Larson captured the attention of all the sleepy people staying up to watch the red carpet action: she mentioned that while preparing for her role, she received a pep talk from Emma Stone.

Suddenly everyone imagined Emma and Brie as BFFs chatting about life and fame, with Emma passing on sage wisdom to the new generation of famous actresses. If anyone has a record of Emma’s pep talk, we would very much like to see it.

4. Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer

They didn’t turn up wearing the same dress, which was a real shame. But the red carpet was essentially themed around everyone eagerly waiting around for J-Law and A-Schums to show up.

Once they did, they continued to be very supportive best buds, each doing their usual antics in interviews and on-camera moments. The end result? LOADS of people suggesting they’ll co-host next year’s ceremony.

5. Eva Longoria and America Ferrara did a pointed and brilliant bit while introducing an award

While we’re on the topic of brilliant duos, we’d like to give a shout-out to Eva Longoria and America Ferrara. They were brought together to present an award, and did the best intro of the show, explaining that neither Eva nor America Ferrara is Gina Rodriguez, Eva Mendes, or Salma Hayek.

6. Ricky Gervais made an equal pay joke

Within the first ten minutes of hosting the awards, Ricky Gervais made this joke: 'I’m getting paid the same as Amy and Tina. There was two of them.' It could have been great, but it almost felt like he was just bragging about his pay cheque. We weren’t sure on this.

7. Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe and Leonardo DiCaprio Had A Giggle

In a surprise win that pissed off quite a lot of people online, Lady Gaga won the Golden Globe for best actress in a limited series or TV movie for her performance in American Horror Story: Hotel, beating Kirsten Dunst in Fargo. Leonardo DiCaprio found the whole thing hilarious. Until Gaga accidentally knocked him on the back of the head.

Her acceptance speech was pretty touching, with Gaga explaining that she’s actually wanted to be an actress for far longer than she’s dreamed of singing.

8. Ricky Gervais’ Mel Gibson intro was… intense

Ricky didn’t pull any punches while calling Mel Gibson out to the stage, but Mel did. Referencing his comments about the actor in 2010, Ricky began by blaming NBC for putting him in the awkward situation of introducing Mel again. 'Mel blames… Well, we know who Mel Blames,' said Ricky.

It got worse from there. Ricky then made a joke about Mel’s alcohol habit, before finding one ‘nice’ thing to say about Mel: “I’d rather have a drink with him than Bill Cosby.”

Mel Gibson then walked on stage, threatened to 'put Ricky to sleep another way', and said seeing Ricky reminds him to 'get a colonoscopy'.

Ricky responded by asking him: 'What the f*** does sugartits even mean.' Mel was not pleased.

9. Denzel Washington’s wife, Paulette, became our new favourite person

She walked up to the stage like she owned the place, gently berated her husband for forgetting his glasses, and was generally a delight. More Paulette, please.

10. And of course, The Revenant won big

The Revenant picked up the biggest award of the night: the best motion picture, drama. The film’s director also won the best director award, Leonardo DiCaprio won best actor, and not a single award for Carol was given, to our great surprise. This could signal an Oscars win for the film – and a sweet, sweet Oscar for Leo.

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