10 Extremely Normal Things These Celebrities Did At The 2014 Met Ball

These celebs prove that the Met Ball is just another party, kind of...


by Emma Gannon |
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    We've all been there. You're getting ready for a party and you want to capture the moment by taking a picture next to your make-up bag.


      We all know it's best practice to bring some snacks or cheap booze with you on the way to a party and Lena Dunham felt bringing some Peanut Butter cups to the Met Ball was no exception.


      3. Taking a drunk selfie of any blingy jewellery

      Whether it's a statement necklace, a good bold ring or an over-the-top accessory, this needs to be captured on Instagram. Bonus points obviously if Beyoncé gets in the photo looking tipsy.


      **4. Soaking up the booze with a slice of pizza **

      Once you've had some nice photos taken at the beginning of the night and made small talk with people who are quite important, it is totally OK to sneak off and wolf down a slice of pizza (and then Instagram it). Lily Allen, we salute you.


        Facebook is almost always littered with snaps of people coming back from nights out pulling strange body shapes in the back of an unsuspecting black cab. Kendall Jenner does it too.


          You're at a party and you have to sheepishly ask someone nearby to take a photo of you. To try and keep your cool you can't smile too much, it has to at least look casual. We LOVE these two.


          7**. Posing with a member of your family in front of any background that looks like a 'photo opportunity'**

          You've dressed up nicely and now is the perfect time to post with your sibling in a posh frock in front of a [insert novelty background].


          8. The 'I love this song!' photo

          The photo that you will rarely look good in. The mid-dancing, finger pointing in the air, loving-life picture of the night.


          **9. Snapped doing your 'being wacky in the toilets' pose **

          Even Cara saw the baby-changing counter as a photo opportunity.


          10. The 'Please Don't Tag Me In That' photo

          Whether it's visible-pant-line with your new Spanx, a misplaced fake eyelash or a blue tongue from eating too many sweets before the party, there's always one photo that will do the rounds due to its LOLworthy appeal. Whether you want it to or not.


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