Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal What They Really Eat In A Day

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Always wanted to know what a Victoria's Secret model really eats in a day? Well, we're about to dish the dirt on two VS models' diet and fitness tips, so that you can put them into practice in the run up to summer.

Josephine Skriver and Stella Maxwell, who spoke to, revealed their diet and exercising habits, which refreshingly, aren't that unrealistic to follow!

What Stella Maxwell eats in a day

Stella believes that you should eat in moderation: "I don't think it's good to cut anything out 100% or go on some crazy diet."

Her diet consists of clean foods, like eggs, avocado, salmon and chicken. "For breakfast, I like scrambled eggs, avocado, oatmeal—I really love oatmeal—or granola and yogurt. Lunch would be a piece of fish like salmon and then maybe some salad on the side—today we had chicken and salad. And then dinner, probably the same thing—a protein and a green. For snacks, I like nuts and those dried peas. They're really addictive."

Stella Maxwell's fitness regime

Stella's fitness regime consists of lots of toning and lengthening, and she tries to work out as often as possible. "I work out an hour a day. I kind of do it whenever—I'm not picky on what time I work out. I work out as often as I can, in general, four to five times a week."

What Josephine Skriver eats in a day

Josephine follows the 80/20 diet rule, which means that she eats healthy 80% of the time, and then treats herself the remaining 20%.

"I travel the world and so have to stay energised … I can't live off of burgers! I might not gain as much as some people, but I would be slumping off if I ate sugar all the time—it's more like health consciousness for me, but I also always do the 80/20: 80% of the time, I eat healthily and work out, and I stay on a schedule."

"I've never believed in the word diet—I believe in lifestyle. I don't believe in quick fixes. There's no such thing as doing 30 ab exercises and then you get a six-pack. Even if you do really well for three months and you look great, the second you stop … it has to be like a lifestyle thing."

Just like Stella, Josephine believes in cheat days (or 'treat days', as she calls them!): "I actually hate the term cheat day, so I call them treat days. Cheat feels like, Oh, I should be ashamed! You shouldn't feel guilty about eating a burger, but for me, it's more about knowing the nutritious value of what's in a good piece of chicken or veggies. Eat the right kind of carbs and think about what will keep you energized throughout the day.

"For breakfast today, I had scrambled eggs, spinach, and a cup of brown rice. I would say most of the time it's grains, protein, and rice, but sometimes for lunch, I don't do as many carbs. because it makes me sleepy." See, even VS models get that post-lunch slump!

"For snacks, I love everything from fruit to carrots or nuts—like a little handful of nuts keeps me going or just a half a portion of what I ate earlier. I always carry fruit and nuts with me. Nut bars are good and easy to bring in your bag."

Josephine Skriver's fitness regime

As with all fitness advice, you really need to find out what works well for you, whether that be exercising daily, every few days or once a week. Josephine says: "on a good week, I go to the gym five days a week, sometimes three days a week, or sometimes I can't even make it one, so I really try to listen to my body.

"My workouts are an hour long. I would say 80% of my workout is weights, and then I add in cardio once or twice a week. I notice that I lose my muscles when I [just do] cardio."

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