The UK’s First Ever Cereal Café – Welcome To Honey Nut Nirvana

Weetabix Fan? Check Out The New Cereal Cafe That Serves Breakfast All Day


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For anyone who's ever reached for a bowl of muesli at night because they're too tired to cook, this is for you. Twins from Belfast Alan and Gary Keery (above) are obsessed with everything cereal and have just opened a revolutionary new concept called Cereal Killer Caféin London's trendy Shoreditch. Their nostalgic cafe - packed to the (cereal bowl) brim with memorabilia they've collected over the years - serves a choice of over a hundred different cereals, as well as thirteen different milks and twenty different toppings. If you want Cornflakes or Cheerios for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is your place. Heck, why not go the whole hog and add lashings of chocolate milk and a crunchy nut topping?

And if cereal isn't your thing, never fear, you can still reach brekkie bliss with 18 different flavours of pop tart as well as toast and coffee.

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