Tracy Anderson, Trainer To Victoria Beckham, On Her Friendship With VB And Changing The Fitness World

Annie Vischer speaks to the Tracy Anderson about her fitness legacy and her relationship with Victoria Beckham

Tracy Anderson Victoria Beckham

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Tracy Anderson came to the fore in the fitness world via word of mouth. After being rejected from the world of ballet because of her size, and feeling like there was nothing out there to educate people on getting fit the right way, Anderson set about conducting a study to find out how each and every individual can get the most from exercise.

Soon after, a friend of Gwyneth Paltrow's began attending The Tracy Anderson Method classes at Anderson's LA studio, and the results were so noticeable that Paltrow wanted in. Now, thanks to Paltrow and a whole roster of other famous clients, Anderson is centre stage in the LA fitness arena and in demand from A-listers the world over. Here she speaks to Grazia about her hopes for the future of fitness, forming a strong bond with Victoria Beckham, and how The Tracy Anderson Method came to be.

Fitness Roots

'My mother was a ballerina, she owned a dance school and still teaches to this day in her 70s. I was born in the 70s so there were all different types of disco and dance around and the beginning of a lot of pop. My mom believed that we are all primal animals that are meant to move and you have a rhythym in side of you. She wanted me to be bouncing around to music without any pattern. She instilled in me the idea that I am supposed to move.'

Tracy Anderson and Victoria Beckham
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Meeting Victoria Beckham

'Victoria has been a client of mine for over 8 years and I love her. She asked about The Method and that’s how we ended up meeting. She has stayed very focused on The Method for eight years. We have daughters around the same age, and I remember going to visit her. She was holding Harper when she was a baby, and I quickly realised how much of a thoughtful woman she is. She knows how to take care of herself. She practises self-love and treats others with that same love and respect. It’s part of her being such a great mom, setting an example of loving herself in a smart way.'

Training Victoria

'Victoria knows her body and in terms of training she really shows up to do the hard work. I have trainers with her in the UK and I always check in on her. We stay in close contact and we have a huge amount of respect for each other. Victoria works out 6 days a week, and she’s very advanced. She can do anywhere from 1 – 2 hours each day. Her husband is a pro athlete and she keeps herself at a very advanced level too. She’s been doing this method for eight years.'

Victoria Beckham
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'When I watch the way she approaches her brand, I look at her talent and gifts as a woman, I know that she’s a leader. Victoria is a real leader. She’s very smart and she knows what she likes. That’s evident in the way she cuts her clothes, and now it’s evident in her beauty line too. In all the years I’ve been doing this, it is so refreshing to come across a woman like Victoria. Being a spice girl is part of her fame but she really is a girl power girl. She is a woman that is truly there for other women, and let me tell you, I have met many pop stars who are not.'

victoriabeckham leg pose
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Locking Down The Leg Pose

'There is so much dynamic movement in her workouts, there’s a whole leg sequence that she does that definitely means she can kick her leg like that.'

Inside Victoria Beckham's Fridge

'I remember checking in on her session once and we were talking in her kitchen and she had the refrigerator open. It is the world’s most beautiful refrigerator. She had every kid’s drink lined up perfectly, all her salads and fruit and veg arranged perfectly. It was all immaculate, beautiful and a great example of all the good things we should be taking in. I definitely left that session thinking, 'oh my gosh I need to attack my fridge and do better!'

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