Want To Make Healthier Meal Choices? This Handy App Is Like Having A Personal Nutritionist In Your Pocket

Lifesum is the leading global nutrition app that helps you to care for your baseline health through nutritious eating choices and science-backed dietary recommendations

Life Sum

by Darcy Rive |

There’s no doubt about it, we’ve all come to realise just how important our health is over the last couple of years, and as we begin 2022, we want to set ourselves up for our most healthful year yet.

When it comes to achieving your wellness goals – from having more energy, reducing stress and sleeping better to making more mindful choices about what you eat and drink – it can be really helpful to find a way to track your progress while also getting guidance, information, and inspiration.

And that’s where Lifesum comes in.

With over 50 million users, Lifesum is the leading global nutrition app that helps you to improve your baseline health in a sustainable way. It’s able to offer you personalised nutrition as well a huge range of meal plans, healthy recipes, and trackers, all based on your health goals, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle. It’s a bit like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket that helps you stay on track with your health goals all year long. And it syncs with your favourite health-tracking wearables, including Fitbit.

So, this new year, forget unreliable diet resolutions and check out the Lifesum features below that allow you to customise your health journey and maintain a balanced lifestyle for the foreseeable!

Find a diet that you love and works for you

You can find a nutrition-fuelled diet that works for your own lifestyle and caters to your food preferences. Choose from 23 options such as Clean Eating, Climatarian, Scandinavian, and High Protein to help you focus on your health goals.

Start a simplified meal plan

Want to eat well but don’t know what to cook and want to take the hassle out of your food shopping? Lifesum helps you with a choice of meal plans, with 7-day through to 21-day plans which give you a choice of four recipes to enjoy each day. There are options such as Keto Burn, 3-Week Weight Loss, Sugar Detox, and Vegan. They’ve even got a quiz to help you find the right Meal Plan for you!

Enjoy over a thousand delicious and nutritious recipes

Love your kitchen again as you discover and try out lots of easy-to-cook recipes on Lifesum, all of them nutritionally balanced and super tasty. Each of the recipes gives you its nutritional information so that you can keep track of your goals.

Add items to your tracker with an easy-to-use scanner

The scanner function, which tracks over six million items, allows you to log food items and incorporate their nutritional values, so you can see how your daily food and drinks measures up against your goals.

Keep your goals in mind

With Lifesum, you’re able to log your activities and what you’re eating and drinking with the help of their food, exercise, and water trackers. They’re a great visual feature that help you to track your targets and maintain a balanced life every day.

Customise your health journey with all your favourite meals, food items, recipes and see how they get you closer to your goals for 2022!

Ready to get started? Right now, Lifesum is offering 50% off a 6-month subscription.

Find out more about Lifesum now and download the app from the app store or Google Play

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