This £15.99 Health App Has Completely Transformed My Approach To Fitness

How a 'strength over aesthetics' mindset shift led Grazia's beauty writer Sameeha to a new relationship with fitness.


by Sameeha Shaikh |
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I'd never taken fitness seriously, yet the summer before my best friend got married, I found myself in the gym. I worked out frantically only using the cardio machines – all because I didn't know any better. In hindsight, I was taking a 'get fit quick' approach with little consideration for maximising my full potential - or for what it actually means to be healthy. Seven years on, I'm glad to say my approach to fitness isn't quite so naive. And I can pinpoint the exact moment it shifted: stumbling upon a TikTok by Stef Williams.


In a TikTok posted last year, the make-up artist turned mega lifestyle influencer, personal trainer, and fitness app founder, captured herself mid V-up with some poetic words to accompany: 'POV: you started prioritising your health instead of aesthetics & got into the best shape of your life'. As a professional motivator, perhaps you'd expect no less from Stef but for me, the words certainly hit home. The stars aligned when I met her in person at the launch of her newest activewear collection, Sefi's Define range, and I became convinced that her highly rated WeGLOW app would support my new outlook on fitness.

And I'm not alone. Founded by Stef in 2020, the app now has over 200,000 downloads and is rated 4.8 in Apple's App Store, making it one of the world’s highest rated fitness apps on the market. But WeGlow's success can be put down to its all-encompassing nature. Its impressive exercise library counts over 600 different exercises, more than 1000 different workouts - not including the 26 different guides on offer - and real-time classes ideal for whether you're home or at the gym. There's an option of four different trainers, too, who each provide varying classes from yoga to strength building and self-defence. Stef's 360º approach also means there's a nutrition section offering the same type of flexibility that caters to every diet with hundreds of recipes.

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The results speak for themselves. Nearly 500,000 workouts have been completed on the app and 14 million minutes have been spent working out through WeGLOW. More impressively, 96% of users say WeGLOW contributes positively to their lifestyle and mood, while 98% say they saw results within 3 months. It's something I can personally attest to. Thanks to the app's easy-to-follow, fully-guided prescribed workout plans, I've been able to maintain motivation and have religiously visited the gym three times a week for the last two months. Mentally, I'm thriving on new-found dedication, discipline, routine and time spent with myself. Physically, I've challenged myself to lift weights for the first time ever and have pushed beyond my limits.

When deciding the course of action, instead of sifting through the Categories or Target Area sections on the app, I used the 'Find A New Guide' function to generate a recommended workout plan based on my preferences. Filtering in my choices of workout locations, experience level, frequency and focus, the app assigned me a 24-week plan tailored to my specific needs. The full body work outs based on a mix of strength and resistance training have not only improved my stamina, energy levels and focus but have helped me to feel lighter on my feet, and while this journey isn't based on weight loss, I have certainly noticed a leaner version of my former self beginning to take shape.

At £15.99 a month, WeGlow calculates at less than 1p per workout, which seems a small price to pay if you're looking to transform your fitness.

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