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What is the SIRT Diet And Does It Work?

Undoubtedly the breakout diet of 2016, which is not overly surprising considering it’s probably the only diet that actively encourages red wine and chocolate!

The SIRT Diet was founded by nutritionists Aiden Goggins and Glen Matten and is focused on eating foods high in sirtuin activators, a type of protein that is important for regulating biological pathways and protecting our cells from dying or inflammation. Now this information alone doesn’t tend to get people excited, but the diet has also been shown to have a halo effect on increasing muscle density as well as burning fat, which is when people really start to take interest.

Increasing the amount of SIRT foods in your diet is meant to regulate how we handle sugar and fat; these foods are believed to help shift stored fat as well as increasing metabolic rate, so finally there appears to be a way of regaining your teenage metabolism.

To round it all off, not only are SIRT foods meant to solve your general health and weight concerns, but they are even meant to make you live longer.

Try this if….

You need help kick starting a healthier way of eating.

The initial stage of the diet involves calorie restrictions and meal plans consisting of mainly SIRT rich green juices, however afterwards followers have more freedom with what they are eating, but are encouraged to continue eating an abundance of SIRT rich foods to maintain the results.

SIRT Diet Ingredients...

The foods topping the SIRT list aren’t new and have long been touted as healthy go to ingredients, they are:

• Blueberries

• Strawberries

• Apples

• Citrus Fruit

• Parsley

• Rocket

• Kale

• Green Tea

• Olive Oil

• Coffee

• Turmeric

There are however a few surprises on the list, such as red wine and dark chocolate, though sadly a diet of pinot noir and Dairy Milk won’t quite make the cut, and you need a range of SIRT foods to get results.

The simplest approach to loosely following the SIRT diet is to make small steps at adding these ingredients into your existing diet, so why not try:

• Swapping your morning cuppa for some green tea

• Substituting your croissant for a bowl of blueberries, yogurt and granola

• Switching your treacle tart for this dark chocolate desserts like this Mocha Mousse Cake

SIRT Diet Ingredients To Avoid…

As this isn’t a normal ‘diet’ as it’s focused on eating an abundance of healthy ingredients, but with a particular focus on high SIRT foods, there aren’t any foods on the ‘naughty’ list and you don’t have to spend the days dreaming of things you’ve been told you can’t have.

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Head straight to the source and follow The Official SIRT Food Diet Instagram account for tips and recipes on how to live the SIRT way of life.


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