4 Simple Steps To A Positive Mindset


by Grazia |

Becoming aware of the fact that you need to make a change in your life is a big step, but it is only the first step. And, once you make the decision to do so, it is also important to adjust your attitude to create the mindset necessary to make lasting, positive changes.

Changing your attitude is, of course, easier said than done. There may be several mental barriers to breaking old negative thought patterns, and that’s okay! It is important to understand each of these reasons fully in order to overcome them. As with most things, if you try to do too much too fast then it is likely that you will not get very far at all.

1. Embrace an attitude adjustment

So, the first thing that you need to do to work towards overcoming a negative mindset is to evaluate how your attitude has hindered your happiness in the past. Perhaps you are prone to self-deprecation, or perhaps you always expect the worst from life. Are you always the person with something cynical to say or are you the person who always expects to fail, so then simply do not try in the first place?

Once you are aware of how your thought patterns are of detriment to your happiness then you can start to understand why these are your instinctive thoughts.

2. Replace negative thoughts immediately with positive ones

The best way to overcome negative thought patterns is to be conscious that you are experiencing them, and then immediately replace this negative thought with a positive one.

For example, if you are trying to implement healthy eating as a life long change, then at the beginning of this change it is likely you will question your ability to keep it up. You might say to yourself that you have not yet lost any weight or that you do not feel any healthier or happier.

As soon as you become aware of this thought process running through your mind, you should say to yourself that you have done a great job revolutionising your diet so far, and remind yourself that each day you are getting closer and closer to your healthy eating goals. Repeat these things to yourself several times and do not let the negative thoughts have the final say.

The same technique can be applied regardless of the life change you are making. It is simply important to remember that change does not happen overnight, but with each day that you continue along this path of positivity, you become one day closer to living the life you want.

3. Stop saying ‘can’t’

Saying can’t takes away your power. So start replacing can’t with will. When obstacles arise and you feel like you ‘can’t’ persist in the changes you are making, remind yourself to take back your power and say to yourself that you will.

4. Say a daily affirmation

Find a quote that’s meaningful to you and say it to yourself or even out loud three times a day minimum! Write it down and keep it on your bedside table so that it’s the last thing you read at night and the first thing you look at in the morning.

My favourite affirmation is: ‘She needed a hero, so that’s what she became’. For me, it sends my energy in a positive direction and it’s actually a very effective and simple method for shifting your mindset.

Shifting your mindset and adjusting your attitude are difficult concepts for most of us at first, but after a while this will become the new normal. As you start to feel the benefits of your new life change, you will be more and more prone to seeing the positive in your life and in the things that happen around you.

It also won’t take long for the people in your life to notice the fresh and positive energy exuding from you and how you are a much happier version of yourself. This in turn will encourage you to continue with your new path in life and this cycle of positivity will keep you going!

Remember, making a life long change is a big commitment and if you happen to fall at any of the hurdles along the way then this is no reason to give up and revert to old habits.

Simply pick yourself up and go at it again. When you look back you will only see the amazing journey to change that you have come from and continue to walk along.

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