Our Favourite Ways To Relax After A Busy Day

Our go-to methods for switching off and chilling out.


by Eleanor Lavender |

With hustle culture very much alive and well thanks to Kim Kardashian’s infamous interview last month (iykyk), it’s now harder than ever to fully relax after a busy day.

Even if you’ve managed to physically shut down your laptop and step away from your desk, your mind can end up working overtime, making it difficult to chill out. With endless to-do lists and life admin piling up, we can fall victim to the daily grind and sacrifice our mental and physical health in the process.

In order to maintain a happy work/life balance, it’s important to take the time to relax, reset, and recharge before you head back out there. Knowing how to switch off at the end of a busy day is one of the best ways to look after yourself, so to help with that mental transition we’re sharing our go-to methods for total relaxation.

Whether that’s catching up with a friend or simply listening to your favourite podcast whilst snacking on a delicious Fibre One Birthday Cake square, here’s how we put aside the worries of the day and enjoy our evenings.

Our go-to methods for switching off and chilling out.

Start with a ‘brain dump’

If you struggle to relax your mind after a productive day, using a ‘brain dump’ journaling method can help remove any worrying thoughts from your head and places them elsewhere. Writing down any worries or outstanding tasks, allows you to declutter your mind as well as act as a reminder for when you’re ready to pick these up again.

It’s also a good chance to reflect on the day. You can use the ‘brain dump’ method to write down anything positive that has happened, and by practicing gratitude in this way, it can help build self-esteem, reduce stress, and boost optimism. Something we all need!

Catch up with a close friend

Having a chat with a friend is a great way to distract yourself from other worries and fully focus on the conversation. Scheduling time in the evening to have a catch-up ensures that you finish work promptly and leave any work-related stresses behind too.

Obviously, it’s down to you where you want to meet but we recommend inviting your friend round and getting in the drinks and snacks, like delicious Fibre One Milk Chocolate Popcorn bars, for a fun evening ahead.

Try something creative

Getting stuck into arts and crafts after a busy day is a brilliant way to occupy your hands and mind whilst you transition into a more relaxed headspace. Have fun and get messy at a pottery class with others or try an at-home pottery kit if you’d rather put on your favourite podcast and zone out.

From painting to candle-making to knitting, there’s a craft out there for you so why not start a new skill this evening?


Jump in the tub

In our opinion, one of the best ways to leave a busy day behind is to hop into a steaming hot bath filled with your favourite products. Adding a few drops of essential oils, whether that’s lavender for soothing the skin or chamomile to reduce stress, the natural properties will have an instant effect.

Put on a calming playlist that mimics sounds found in nature, and you can almost feel the day melt away within the bubbles.

Indulge with Fibre One

Sometimes, the only thing you want after a busy day is a treat, and who can blame you?! Fibre One have a huge range of tasty 90-calorie treats, from brownie and cake bars to popcorn and protein bars for you to indulge in whilst you chill out. And like us, Fibre One also believe in giving yourself a treat when you need it most because life is too short to deny ourselves the things that make our days brighter.

With their recent launch of the Crave Club, Fibre One are encouraging you to get involved on their Instagram and join a community of like-minded people who are all about celebrating the little things in life.

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