12 Things You Need To Let Go Of Before The New Year

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The New Year is the perfect opportunity to hit the re-set button, start fresh and release all of the negativity from the year that's just passed. Think of it as one big purge: just before we ring in the New Year, it’s a great time to check in with yourself. Letting go of the things that are bringing you down, causing you worry, stress and, frankly, making you unhappy is the only way to move into 2017 with a positive outlook and truly invite happiness into your life. Out with the old and in with the new!

As 1st January approaches, the time is now to evaluate any events, incidents or situations that are weighing heavy on your mind and let them go. The 12 points below are things we can all work to let go of in order to start the New Year with the right foot forward...

1. Release feelings of blame

If you feel like someone else is to blame for past or current negativity in your life, then releasing these feelings can help to bring closure. Make a conscious effort to embrace forgiveness, let it go and decide to move on.

2. Accept your failures

There is nothing to be gained from dwelling on any mistakes you made this year or things you failed to accomplish. Give yourself positive feedback and try to understand why things didn’t go so well and learn. Failures happen for a reason to help you avoid the same mistakes next year.

3. Let go of regret

We often regret the things that we have done and the things we wish we had done. This is always a learning curve and teaches us about what it is we truly want. Choose to let go of your regrets and instead focus on how you can get it right in the future.

4. Eradicate feelings of weakness

Listening to the inner critic that tells us that we are not good enough is the quickest way to let negativity permeate our thoughts. Choose instead to listen to the positive thoughts and banish your inner critic in 2017.

5. Let go of guilt

There is nothing to be gained from holding on to feelings of guilt. Forgive yourself.

6. Embrace the unknown

Letting go of feelings of fear and worry about your future goals will go a long way to helping you achieve them. Be a risk taker.

7. Ignore self doubt

Know your worth and make a note to remind yourself every day that yes, YOU are worth it. There is no one in this world like you. And trust me, that’s a good thing.

8. Release unwanted responsibilities

You may often feel as though you have to always be the person that others can delegate to, or you may often commit to things you do not really want to do. Basically, you say 'yes' when you’d really rather say 'no.' It is important that you understand that your time is valuable and that you are not obliged to take on more than you can handle. It’s okay to be selfish with your time.

9. Let go of preconception

We often try to think of the world in black and white and it is important to remember that this is not how things really work. Life would be boring if it was perfect. Let go of any preconceptions you have about where you should currently be in life and congratulate yourself for the journey you have made this year to become the person you are today.

10. Move away from the past

It’s easy to let your mind wander to points in the past that you wish you could return to or that you wish you could change. Learn to stop yourself from re-living the past and instead live in the moment and focus on the future.

11. Let go of anger

Anger can quickly become all-consuming if you allow it to persist in your mind. If you can’t presently change a situation that is making you angry then simply accept it and distance yourself from it. Set healthy boundaries.

12. Be who you are

Letting go of concerns and worries about who you are supposed to be at this point in your life will never do you any good. Love yourself for the person you are and get excited about the person you want to become.

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