This Is The Surprising Reason Love Islanders Are Brushing Their Teeth So Aggressively This Year

We asked a Dentist to weigh in

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The unfortunate thing that happens when you appear on a reality TV show like Love Island, is that viewers analyse your every single move.

Who can forget back in 2019 when Amy Hart went viral for the way she walked up the stairs, being referred to as a velociraptor.

The latest villa observation doing the rounds and one that has been pointed out in previous series, is how aggressively the Islanders brush their teeth and their tongues.

"Why is nobody talking about the way Gemma was brushing her teeth. Someone make a meme, please," reads one tweet.

"One thing about Andrew is that he gon' brush that tongue," tweeted another. "Jesus Davide, you'll brush through your enamel if you brush that rough," warned one viewer. "I'm also sick and tired of watching people brush their tongues," complained another.

"When brushing your teeth with excessive pressure, there is a risk of wearing away the teeth (abrasion) and gums (recession)," explains cosmetic Dentist Dr Tara Francis, founder of Enhance by Dr Tara.

"However, you do still want to apply enough pressure that you’re removing the debris that can build up on the teeth," she warns.

So with that in mind, how do we know if we or the Islanders, are brushing our teeth too hard? "You only need to apply enough pressure to feel the bristles against your teeth," says Dr Tara. "If the bristles appear squashed, then you’re brushing too hard. Some electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors which can help."

But what about that tongue?

"You should absolutely brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper," Dr Tara would clearly be proud of Andrew then.

"It should be part of your oral hygiene routine twice per day. Tongue cleaning has been practiced within some cultures for centuries and there’s a reason why. Bacteria and small food particles can build up on the tongue as it has a rough surface. It’s actually one of the main causes of bad breath. The bacteria could also contribute to periodontal (gum) disease."

So there you have it, the Islanders aren't just thinking of their date, they're also thinking of their future gum and teeth health.

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